11th June 2021

Without a Lawyer, Asylum-Seekers Struggle

Fleeing from one country to another is one struggle; fighting for asylum is yet another. It’s a situation that nobody would like others to experience. But in reality, this is occurring, and more cases are piling up.

The problem mulls on the lack of legal representation for asylum seekers. More often than not, asylum seekers are left on their own. This makes it difficult for non-English speaking asylum seekers to fend for themselves.

The U.S. legal system doesn’t provide free legal counsel. If one wants representation in court, they will have to spend thousands of dollars. But what about those who can’t afford a private attorney? Is deportation the only path this leads to? What can asylum seekers do to get legal representation?

Deciphering Real Cases from Fraudulent Cases

As the previous administration tried to change laws, asylum seekers remain restless. This is because the changes in the policies affect them. Even though the policies tend to weed out fraudulent cases, confirmed cases are also hit.

The Public Counsel’s Immigrants’ Rights Project is backing up asylum seekers. They see the need for asylum seekers to look for protection from violence. Parents have the right to worry about their and their children’s safety.

But at what cost does seeking asylum incur?

  • Asylum seekers have higher chances to win a case with legal representation
  • There are not enough good asylum lawyers to handle the cases
  • Defendants don’t have the right to get help from government-funded public defenders
  • Asylum seekers end up relying on charities for help
  • Language barrier hinders the asylum-seeking process

The Ongoing Battle for Legal Representation

Asylum seekers have yet to feel safe in the immigration court. Finding a good legal representation still poses a problem. Many parents fear for the safety of their families. They can only rely on other people’s help and the stroke of luck.

Many families tried to go to court and defend themselves, only for it to fail. Things like going to the wrong court, denial for pleas, and denial to reopen cases continue to happen.

But this doesn’t hamper the hopes and dreams of asylum seekers to lead a better life. Most of them only want to live without fear and suffering. On the brighter side, many private lawyers recognize their need for representation.

This is why organizations and charities continue to exist. They aim to be available for asylum seekers who can’t hire lawyers on their own. Even though these charities’ numbers may be low, they do their best to assist asylum seekers.

Despite the growing cases of asylum every year, there have been positive results. The percentage of asylum seekers with legal representation is beginning to rise. This shows that private firms and legal establishments’ efforts are coming to fruition.

A lot of people are also looking forward to changes with the new administration. Many are eyeing policies in regards to asylum seekers. Only time will tell if positive changes are to occur. But the hope remains there, and families continue to hang on.

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