24th September 2020

Why more modern and dynamic families are choosing Bristol

Bristol appears to be fully embracing its vaunted position of continuing to be a family-friendly city, with more and more modern and dynamic families choosing to settle or visit regularly. There are some specific reasons, however, which has emerged to explain exactly why more and more dynamic and modern families are choosing this part of the land.

High quality of regular domestic life

If you’re ever in the Clifton area, for whatever reason, just take a wander down one or more of the streets that don’t readily suggest they’re for visitors. You’ll be met with what appears to be the ideal environment for regular domestic life, with the right mix of quietness and access to all the amenities that make up a high quality of regular domestic living.

Even as a visitor you don’t get overwhelmed by what can be a familiar out-of-town feeling.

Great family holiday destination or road-trip stopover

With so many different options in entertainment available in Bristol, quite interestingly it’s those families who come to visit or enjoy a stopover while on a family-road trip who end up coming back to stay for good. It is indeed a great destination for a family holiday, with fun to be had for the entire family as a unit and for each individual member of the quintessential modern-day family.

Even if the stopover or targeted visit is a retreat, specific areas such as Clifton make for the perfect of such retreats. The only noise you’ll likely have to contend with is that which comes from the birds that love to visit the very green and fresh surroundings which complement the magnificent architecture of the character-filled buildings.

It doesn’t take much to find a very quiet corner of the otherwise vibrant city, which is why there’s some student accommodation available as well.

Family-oriented accommodation galore

There’s a very special sense of community which can be witnessed throughout this progressive city, from student discounts to attractions that the whole family is encouraged to attend, to the interactions created by accommodation options such as serviced apartments housing different types of rooms. The elderly lady staying in one of the Deluxe Studio apartments on the ground floor might look forward to her daily, brief conversations with the student emerging from his second-floor Junior Suite in the same building, for instance.

Bristol is the epitome of modern family life

Many might justifiably argue that it isn’t a recent development at all, that of Bristol having a legitimate claim to epitomising modern-day family life. Modern families don’t necessarily consist out of a household of two adults and two kids who are always in the house, for instance, which is why family accommodation in this area encompasses the likes of a two-bedroom house or even something like a two-bedroom suite in a building that houses serviced apartments.

There might perhaps be an older sibling who comes and goes, on account of attending the local University and thereby staying in some student-specific accommodation nearer the campus…

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