20th July 2020

Which population strata plays more on online casinos?

If you took a gambler from the 1800s and plonked them down in the 21st century they would be completely and utterly flabbergasted, in fact, we are pretty sure that this unfortunate fellow would go clinically insane, that is how far the casino industry has come in little more than 200 years. Honestly, the gambling world was thriving even back then, but compared to today it is a mere drop in the ocean.

The main thing to have changed over this time is the fact that casinos no longer have to exist in physical reality for people to be able to play them, with the online casino world ballooning in size over the last two decades. With so many different sites to choose from, people are always taking the time to learn “how to find the best online casino for you“, as they must provide enjoyment, as well as enabling people to win big money on any of the games they choose to play. Not only that, but technology has finally allowed for developers and online casino sites like Kingcasino to make their game just as appealing as they are in real life, and the effect of this can be felt everywhere you look. But here’s an interesting question: which population strata plays more on online casinos? Let’s take a look at the question and see if we can get some answers…

Online casino and young people

One of the biggest demographics that are regularly gambling on online casino sites is young people under the age of 30, and this is primarily because of their closer relationship with the Internet. People that fall under this age bracket know the Internet almost innately well having grown up with it, and this makes it so much easier for them to navigate it. So of course they would want to take advantage of the many interesting offers like an Exclusive $1 Bonus Royal Vegas or the hundreds of others that online casinos provide!

The emergence of mobile gaming in the last 10 years has only served to push the younger demographic further towards the world of online casino, as we all know how much the youth of today love browsing through their smartphones! Moreover, young adults that are still in education often have a lot more free time than people that are older, and this is another reason why online casino appeals to much to this age group.

Online casino and middle aged people

Surprisingly it is actually middle aged people that tend to do the most gambling online, in particular stay at home mothers who often have a lot of time to kill during the day. Online casino games like bingo are especially popular with this demographic, and this is increasing exponentially as the 21st century goes on. There are so many sites now with fun games for people to try all over the world. For instance, the Finnish can check out this site here without the need to even register – kasino ilman rekisteröitymistä.

Another thing about middle-aged gamblers is that they tend to have a much healthier bankroll than gamblers younger than them, and this can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your online gambling sessions.

Online casino and the older generations

Historically it has been the older generations that have subtly loved to gamble the most, a key reason why so many people flock to Las Vegas with their retirement money. But here’s the thing: whilst the older generations are still often found in brick and mortar casinos, their relationship with online casinos is a little more complicated.

The Internet can be hard to navigate once you pass a certain age, and this is why not many old people play online casino.

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