28th November 2019

What to do with the leftover canvas bags in your home

We are constantly bombarded with messages that we need to switch from plastic bags to reusable alternatives but many struggle to grasp the true requirement for bags to become environmentally friendly; they have to be reused a considerable amount of time. To try and get the most use out of your canvas bags, here are some interesting ways you can breathe new life into the canvas bags in your home.

  1. Make them your beach tote bags for the summer

One irritating issue that many encounter when they are heading to the beach is getting way too much sand in their good bags on the way back. An innovative way you could overcome this issue is through using your old canvas bags at the beach. This will keep sand off your possessions and the bag can be kept stored ready to go for a spontaneous trip on a sunny day.

  • Make them your designated book bag for the new semester

As students keeping your books together can be a challenge and this may lead to late library returns and some hefty fines.  One of the ways that you can avoid all of this hassle is to keep a canvas bag on hand to store any random books in. The canvas bag will keep your books organised and stop you from forgetting to return them.

  • Personalise and decorate them with the children

Parents can sometimes find it hard to entertain the children. This is one of the reasons why many go through countless toys as children grow up. If you have some leftover canvas bags why not get your kids involved in personalising them with felt pens and glitter? This will help you get more use out of your canvas bags while also entertaining the children.

  • Make the larger ones your main laundry bag

Many households struggle to keep the washing together in a tidy and organised pile. Our solution? Give every member of the family a large leftover canvas bag to keep their washing in. From this, you can bring them all together and save having to round the house picking up every random piece of clothing.

Canvas bags have been made to last, so let’s use them!

Canvas bags are a robust product that have withstood the test of time however their popularity means many are not being used properly. With the amount of canvas bags being produced by expert manufacturers now is the perfect time to diversify your use of this product.

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