27th August 2021

What Size Lashes Do You Use for Volume?

Would you like to try volume eyelash extensions but not sure how they will look on you?

Read in our article about the sizes of eyelashes and how to choose a product that will enhance your best facial features. If you want to keep your eyelashes at a certain length in between using mascara, then you may want to go for an eyelash lift and tint saving you time by not having to apply then reapply mascara throughout the day. A simple beauty procedure like this can do wonders for a person’s confidence.

What Are the Different Sizes of Lash Extensions?

In case you wish to only go for a lash lift, it is important to realize that it may not add any thickness or length like the extensions. A lash lift tends to give a subtle curl to the lashes by changing the chemical structure in the strands. So if you want thicker lashes, going for a natural lash extension at a reputed salon could be helpful. That being said, there are some basic parameters to be considered:

  1. Curl

There are three main options:

  • B is as close as possible to natural
  • C is a smooth, pronounced curl
  • D is a very noticeable curl that allows to achieve a doll eyes effect, where the tips of the eyelashes look strictly up. Since this extension could be tricky to execute perfectly, therefore a professional service provider like Lash Doll might provide the required assistance in eyelash extensions.

There are other types of the curl, but they are less common.

The curl visually influences the length: if you compare the curl C or D, it (of the same size) will look longer than the curl B.

  1. Length

It also can be different.

  • Short: 6 to 8.
  • Average: 9 to 12.
  • Long 13 to 14.
  • Very long: 15 mm and above.

Often lashmakers work with lengths 9-12 mm. For volume eyelash extensions length above 14 mm can be used.

  1. Volume

In other words, the quantity of the material a lash stylist uses in the application process.

  • For the classic it’s a 1:1 ratio. That means one false eyelash will be glued to one of your natural eyelashes. On average, it ranges from 60 to 100 eyelashes per eye.
  • In the case of volume, this ratio can be 1:3 or even 1:5. On average, it is 300 or more extensions per eye.

4. Thickness

Lashes are categorized by thickness, there are 0,07, 0,10, 0,12, 0,15, 0,18, 0,20, 0,23, 0,25 and 0,30 mm.

For volume extensions it is better to use lashes with thickness 0,007 and 0,10 mm.

How Do You Know What Size Eyelash Extensions to Get?

You should consider two aspects:

  • Don’t go longer than a size 2-3 mm above the natural size.
  • Choose a thickness close to your eyelashes (or just a little thicker for a more dramatic look).

The last important thing you need to consider is the material itself. You can buy quality volume eyelash extensions products on the site of a Canadian brand LashStorePro.

Here you will have a choice of all the necessary tools and goods that every lashmaker needs.

Quality, wide assortment, fast delivery – all these advantages speak for themselves! By choosing the products of this company, you select the products that are used by Canada’s top lash stylists.

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