1st September 2021

What Is The Best Goat’s Milk Formula

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is six months old. But sometimes a woman needs to take medications that are incompatible with breastfeeding, mastitis develops, or milk is not given in sufficient quantity. In these cases, the use of formula milk is recommended. Sometimes they completely replace breastfeeding, and sometimes become a supplement to mother’s milk.

It is important to choose baby formula responsibly for the newborn. The baby, especially in the first months of life, is very susceptible to everything, and poor quality food can lead to abdominal pain, constipation and other troubles.

Benefits Of The Goat’s Milk

Recently, modern parents are increasingly choosing goat’s milk formula. Why?

  1. The proteins and fats of goat’s milk are better absorbed by the baby’s body, which makes goat’s milk more similar to breast milk than cow’s milk. For this reason, baby formula on goat’s milk is well digested and does not cause problems with the baby’s stools. For example, two hours after a meal, the baby digests goat’s milk in half, while cow’s milk is only 35% digestible.
  2. Goat’s milk contains a lot of useful trace elements such as molybdenum, copper and manganese.
  3. Goat milk is rich in natural nucleotides and oligosaccharides, elements that are difficult for the human body to synthesize. Its milk is 4-5 times richer than cow’s milk in these important ingredients.
  4. Minerals from goat milk, such as iron and calcium, are better accepted and absorbed by children.
  5. The nutrients in goat’s milk have high nutritional value and excellent digestibility.
  6. Goat milk has excellent bactericidal properties and has a positive effect on the child’s digestive functions. Artificial goat’s milk formulas are recommended for babies who are weakened and frequently ill, as well as for healthy newborns for proper growth and development.

Constructive Price

So, why goat’s milk? All of us have had a strong association with the word “milk” since childhood: we immediately imagine a cow grazing in a meadow. But we rarely think of goats. But in the past, children, left without parents, were fed just goat’s milk. Now on the basis of it are made nutritious milk formula. 

Goat milk (and goat milk-based formula) is usually more expensive than cow’s milk, and there is an explanation for this:

– Goats are much more demanding with regard to the quality of feed, water and housing conditions.

– The milk of goats acquires a characteristic “goat” smell and taste precisely if the goat is not properly cared for.

– A goat’s milk yield is about 3.5 liters per day, while a cow’s milk yield is up to 25. Of course, the milk yield from a goat can be increased to 10-15 liters, but this milk will no longer have the same taste and nutritional qualities.

Modern World – Your Rules

Goat’s milk is quite fatty; cow’s milk is much inferior in this respect. And in the diet of a baby under 6 months of age, fat plays the role of the basic building material necessary for growth and development and the formation of the nervous system. For information: 60% of the mass of the human brain consists of fat.

The benefits of goat’s milk are obvious to both doctors and mothers, but, of course, the choice is up to the mother. Despite the wide choice of goat’s milk formulas, it will be difficult to make a mistake. There are many brands of goat milk-based milk formulas on the market. All are of high quality, all are suitable for feeding babies from birth, and all are in about the same price range.

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