23rd April 2021

What Is a Lifestyle in Online Content?

Lifestyle is an overall description of a person’s attitudes, interests, behaviors, and personal orientations. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous book, The Case of Miss R. with the somewhat convoluted meaning of “the most basic nature of a human being”. It is generally used today, however, to refer to any and all personal preferences, tastes, and attitudes. It can be expressed as: person A wants B, C, D, E, F, G, and J; person B prefers K, L, M, and N; person C enjoys X, Y, and Z; and person D hates Z and likes A.

For our purposes here, we’ll be referring to a specific type of profile that exists in the highly-specialized, highly organized, highly influential online social media environment, namely the highly sensitive profile. This profile – which exists chiefly on the highly-specialized, highly-networked internet social media platform called the knoll – is almost completely ruled out of the equation in terms of influence peddling. Almost nobody on the knoll has even the vaguest idea of what it is or does, except for the people who work in it. There are very few exceptions, such as the occasional oddball who is either invited to participate or hired by some of the larger companies and brands who frequent the knoll. (Opinion.) Therefore, to engage a profile on the knoll, you must engage with a person or company who understands the profile and can offer you something concrete in return.

What is lifestyle content? The word lifestyle itself is an ambiguous one, but in most contexts, it indicates that the content of the user in question would not conform to the generally-accepted standards of social media. In other words, the user in question is a person who puts a premium on being “carefree.” They value their own opinions, their own lifestyle, and their own approach to life at the expense of others and their own notion of social etiquette. They may not use social media to further this agenda. Those that do use social media to promote who they are and what they do within their lifestyle and want to be noticed, may do so through looking at how they can buy followers or seeing the best way to buy likes here, for example, because they want to be seen and heard.

A good example of lifestyle content would be a person who is deeply into thrift shopping, for example. Such a person probably values their aesthetic satisfaction quite highly. In that respect, they would probably not care about sharing their lifestyle types with a marketing associate on the social network. But then again, such a person would probably not mind if a client recommended a particular brand of shoes to them, provided that the recommendations were based on aesthetic satisfaction alone. Considering that this person exists on social media for a reason, with that reason being anything from becoming well-known on the Internet to generating revenue through social media business, would this person then look to take help from companies that provide local seo services? The ‘influencer’ who wishes to be portrayed as carefree and unique from the rest of the society, may also concern themself with their brand image being consistent with this narrative. After all, pursuing a lifestyle on the Internet also amounts to something, and building a whole personality around that must mean that there are some advantages to it. Most lifestyle influencers often register themselves on an online marketplace (learn more here), where they get products and apparel from the sellers for review. And, they need to post a picture or a video under their social media handles to promote a product.

What kind of lifestyle would someone want to pursue on the Internet? Would they want to pursue a life that is monitored by an SEO agency or a marketing associate, or would they prefer to lead it on their own terms? Again, the answer is very much more difficult to define than it is to identify it. Different Internet users have different lifestyles, different ways of life, and different standards for aesthetic quality and aesthetic fulfillment. Therefore, when we speak of a “c Moderated Internet lifestyle,” what we really mean is a “balanced” lifestyle that combines elements from the” Hardcore,” “Hardcore,” “C Moderated,” and “iron mountain” lifestyles.

The bottom line is that, even if the term “Lifestyle” itself does not yet accurately capture the idea of what an Internet marketer or SEO content provider is doing, it does describe a set of attitudes and behaviors. The term “Lifestyle” in social media will become more meaningful as Internet users adopt more of these three labels in their personal lives. As more marketers, SEO content providers, and social media users come to understand each of these three terms, the idea of a “Lifestyle” in the Internet Marketing world will most likely evolve.

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