10th January 2022

Vinyl Flooring for Home or Business Office Flooring

If you run a business, whether from home or an office, having the space to effectively work and separate yourself from everything to get your work done is all about how you separate that space. If you are looking to freshen up your office space with a floor that gives off its style and professional appearance, luxury vinyl flooring is the safest bet.

When it comes to office space flooring there are many things needed to be considered – from how it looks to how it performs. To aid you in choosing the right kind of floor to give your office the wow factor, Quick-Step luxury vinyl offers a great impression and support.


Top of the list is the durability required for your office area. Your work area is exposed to higher levels of foot traffic than a domestic floor, which in turn makes it much more susceptible to wear and tear in a shorter time frame. With luxury vinyl flooring tiles or planks, you have a warranty period of up to 30 years for commercial spaces. In simple terms, the longer the warranty is the longer the floor is durable.

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are the most requested sources for flooring, providing everything through replicated designs from real hardwoods to stones to highlight your commercial space. Before installation, however, Commercial Gypsum Floor leveling services can be opted for so that any old, damaged, or uneven flooring can be set right before the new material comes in.


The design quality is among the top things to consider as vinyl brands have hundreds of collections to browse through to best capture the required look you want to present. The choice relies on the environment you are working within.

If you have lavish decor then your floor requires blending in to not feel out of sync. However, your floor should also reflect your brand – so if your business is a more formal setting it can benefit from light hardwood style whereas a more casual feel can be achieved through dark woods. Of course, you could always mix your flooring throughout to give a sense of uniqueness.

Easy Clean

Maintenance is a key factor that makes vinyl a preferred option due to its suitability to working environments and ease in cleaning from a daily vacuum to a weekly mop. With the office space having visitors or employees walking around throughout the day, this is suitable due to its durability and relative ease in cleaning up.

Click vinyl is relatively easy to install if you look to cut down on installation costs, so you are not left at the whim of the availability of a professional fitter. When choosing the floor, you need to consider noise levels. With the amount of walking taking place around the space, you need to invest in a flooring option that can absorb the maximum amount of sound.

Vinyl tiles and planks have a design that takes noise reduction into account and can be reinforced by preparing the subfloor and installing a noise-reducing underlay.

To provide your working life with the best all-around quality in look, sustainability and quality, Quick-Step luxury vinyl works as hard as you do.

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