17th February 2020

Vacuum Cleaner Shopping Tips

Has your vacuum cleaner finally hit its limit? Is it time for a replacement? Well, shopping for a vacuum cleaner could be more complicated than you might initially anticipate. With the modern advancements, narrowing your options in the extensive pool can be quite demanding. The market is saturated with a range of products with irresistible features, each promising to make vacuuming a delight. Nonetheless, as you are about to make a significant commitment, due diligence is essential to ensure you get the value of your investment. While shopping for the best vacuum cleaners, among the factors to consider include;


Your property’s floor type is an apparent consideration. The best vacuum cleaner for hard floors, for instance, might not match carpeted surface needs. Maneuverability and effectiveness to leave the floors clean are among the primary concerns while factoring in the flooring solution. If you fancy hard floors, such as tile or hardwood, and low-pile carpeting/ few rugs here and there, then a canister style vacuum with specialized brush and equipped with combination floor tools would be an ideal choice. With such a vacuum cleaner, you can easily maneuver even under and around your furniture.

However, if you have plenty of carpeted space in your home, then you have to keep in mind that even the best vacuum cleaner cannot always take away all the dirt from the carpets. Especially if you are faced with a big, stubborn stain, then you might need help from a Conway carpet cleaning service (or one near you) for the carpet to be effectively cleaned. Nevertheless, a good vacuum cleaner should prove helpful for everyday cleaning.

Unique needs

Vacuum cleaners can do more than vacuuming. While choosing the best vacuum cleaner, therefore, apart from its efficiency in meeting your cleaning requirements, you need to consider other features that enhance its value. For instance, if you or your loved one is asthmatic, you might require a vacuum cleaner capable of eliminating allergens, including pet hair. You could, for example, go for a vacuum cleaner that provides HEPA filtration as it enhances indoor air quality by exhausting cleaner air than what is sucked in, not to mention that others have additional charcoal filtration level that comes in handy in controlling odors.

Vacuuming frequency

How often do you vacuum? Well, this is a significant consideration, noting that if you only check the features, you might end up with a vacuum that makes cleaning a real pain. Ease of access and use are essential. With a vacuum cleaner that you struggle to store and get started, your vacuuming can be more troublesome than it should, especially if you do it regularly. If, for instance, you like walking around the house barefooted, a robotic vacuum cleaner that you can schedule to clean is an ideal choice, as it can vacuum even when you are not home, allowing you to come back to a grit-free floor. But if you only wish to vacuum before a big party or get-together at your home, with the reliable help of Denver Maids, then a manually operable vacuum cleaner should work well for you. While still on frequency, don’t forget to factor in your property type. For example, if you have several levels, going for a light-weight and cordless option is ideal, as you can easily carry and use in various areas.

The convenience

How much noise can you stand? How about maintenance, what works for you? Basically, the bigger and heavy-duty the vacuum cleaner is, the louder it gets. Maintenance is essential, and the question is how much is too much for your situation. With bagless vacuums, for example, you don’t have to deal with changing bags, but you need to periodically empty and wash the dust bins.

Shopping for the best vacuum cleaner might not be a walk in the park. Due diligence, nonetheless, is essential in ensuring that you don’t make a purchase that you will soon regret.

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