17th September 2019

Top 3 Benefits of Participating in Business Exhibition Shows

Many professional marketers relish the opportunity to connect with their target consumers face-to-face. That becomes a challenge when using traditional marketing strategies. Trade shows let you experience a first-hand interaction with prospective clients. Whether you run a multi-million-dollar corporation or an SME, including trade shows as part of your marketing mix provides your brand visibility and credibility. Some may check out telescopic flagpoles for sale to display their business flags or a country flag, it can be eyecatching and peak interests. Nonetheless, before we embark on the benefits of business expos, let’s first peer through some of the risk factors.

Risks of Attending Trade Shows

As you plan on participating in a trade exhibition, it is crucial to do some research, and understand the risks attached to such a business pursuit. Below are some of the risks you may encounter as you plan.

  • A business exhibition show may usurp at least one or more days
  • You may incur high costs of traveling to the venue
  • You’ll most likely face stiff competition on the floor
  • Getting and installing the best trade exhibit comes with high expenses

Pairing your exhibition booth with the wrong trade show barely showcases your products to the right audience. Furthermore, poor promotion techniques may lead to huge spending with a low ROI. That’s why you need an experienced trade company to help you do the planning and on the exhibition floor.

Founded in 1991, ExpoMarketing has been a go-to company for many brands seeking custom trade show displays and other business expo solutions. This women-run business invests in an experienced and creative team of booth designers who can create an exhibit that draws an audience for an engaging experience.

Benefits of Trade Shows to Businesses

Achieving a projected sales margin is one of the significant goals of a business. Tradeshows can help you achieve them in the following ways:

Create Lasting Impressions

Trade exhibitions allow businesses to display a wide selection of products and services to the attendees and other companies. Creating an exhibit booth with a curb appeal, several corporate gifts wholesale, engagement contests with prizes, and sales collaterals helps in creating a balanced, and time-proof booth impression among the audience. Such promotions help businesses in two-folds: creating engagement and obtaining potential consumers’ details and contact information.

Sales and Lead Generation

Tradeshows usually bustle with many activities as attendees look for cutting-edge solutions that can satisfy their needs. If correctly executed, your exhibit booth will bring increased traffic to your brand. Most of the participant companies are compelled to promote new technological solutions and other product advancements. That gives the consumers/attendees a higher purchasing and negotiation power and a willingness to try out new goods and services. You can use a badge scanner to improve your lead generation potential. Furthermore, display the product pricing as an incentive to evoke impulse buying right on the floor. You should also use the services of a printer like Printivity to have booklets, leaflets and flyers printed so that anyone in a rush can grab the information they need and go.

Face-to-Face Interactions

Another reason why many companies partake in trade shows is the elusive, one-on-one interactions with the attendees. Once a prospective customer approaches your booth, you have a few seconds to capture their attention and make them understand what your services are all about. That’s an opportunity that neither an ad or email can do. Thus, you can make your value proposition and highlight some of the aspects that differentiate your brand from other competitors. As you converse with the attendee(s), you also gain insights about their needs and wants, which will help you to create products that resonate with the consumers’ interests.

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