20th October 2020

Tips for Selling Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing)

So, you have a good deal and wish to partner with merchants to help them grow their business. You believe that you have efficient and secured payment processing options to offer your clients that would be convenient both for them and their customers. But are you unable to sell your merchant services or credit card processing?

You may have the required resources and potential to win several clients. However, the thing that’s probably stopping you is not pitching your new potential merchants appropriately. The only solution to this issue is to learn how to sell!

If you feel you don’t have the necessary communication skills and the convincing power to influence your clients’ buying decisions, you can even hire skilled and trained agents. Some agents have a good record of making about 15-25 sales per month, while some are still struggling with between 1-5.

That doesn’t mean that agents making few sales are not efficient or capable. They, too, possess good pitching abilities and communication skills. It’s just that the merchant services provider these agents are working for may not have trained them enough.

So, the bottom line is, know how to sell your merchant services and how to present your deal in front of the client. To enhance your presentation skills, here are some effective tips you can try to increase your sales.

1. Set Your Goals

The key to increasing your merchant services sales is to remain consistent and keep yourself focused. It’s easy to get distracted in a sea of responsibilities and tasks. But to ensure success, you must set goals and make schedules to do your job in a more organized manner. Make sure to meet deadlines and use task organization or time management tools to make the most out of your day.

Set time slots and break down long tasks into smaller chunks. Try completing them bit by bit and ensure to keep extra time for yourself. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself with small gifts after achieving your targets!

2. Follow Up Your Old Clients

Don’t just give all your time in searching for new targets. Pay good attention to your old merchants as well. Follow up on them on a regular basis and ask them whether they are really liking your services. Catching up with your existing clients also helps you to learn whether they are facing any issues and if so, you can immediately provide them with a solution.

Remind your clients that you are there for them. Some of the best ways to do that include stopping by and paying them a visit, sending them small gifts on special occasions, wishing them on their birthdays or anniversaries, or sending some seasonal tips to boost their business. Such small steps will enhance your relationships with your clients.

3. Be a Listener than a Talker

To sell your merchant services agent program successfully, be a good listener first. The rule is to do half the talking as your prospect. Listen to your client’s desires and preferences and what s/he is really looking for. If you keep on explaining endless features about your merchant services without giving ears to your client, s/he will simply turn down your deal.

You cannot sell anything without knowing what your client needs. s/he may have specific requirements for his/her type of business. Ask your client several questions and learn about his/her interests and the type of customers s/he deals with. Without knowing this vital information, how can you even sell anything?

You may be offering exciting services and products with advanced features. But what’s the point in talking about those if your client is looking for something else? Don’t expect your prospect to close the deal if s/he is not talking at all.

Put your deal forward only after learning about your client’s thoughts, pleasure or pain points, likes and dislikes, etc. Keep your conversations as natural as possible and allow your client to take the lead.

4. Never be Pushy or Desperate

Good salespeople never rush things and never force their clients to accept an offer. If your clients are genuinely interested and they like your deal, they will surely sign it. But respect whatever decisions they take and never be too pushy with your offer. Do only what is necessary, not more, not less!

The key to success is to be patient and dedicated. Simply do your work and give in your best. The right merchants will be ready to work with you. This leads us to our next tip.

5. Leave Bad Prospects

If you have the habit of running after almost every prospect that comes your way, stop! It’s high time that you realize not all prospects are good for you. Working with bad clients will eventually drain you off and in the end, leave you with zero results.

Start saying “No”, and filtering out your prospects. Make sure whoever you are working with is totally interested in at least listening to your offer. Yes, good merchants are relatively fewer in number, but at least they are worth your time and effort. Moreover, working with them would help you grow and get your name out there.

6. Sow New Seeds

When everything else fails, the best thing would be to post informative blog posts regularly and other content to increase your reach. You can also create sales materials and make potential merchants subscribe to your newsletters. Or you can prefer doing email marketing by finding prospects via an email finder and sending them relevant materials. Additionally, you can also create sales materials and make potential merchants subscribe to your newsletters.

Another method to generate sales leads could be a traditional method of cold calling by employing an automated technology like a power dialer. Cloud-based software can connect to the dialing platform using any phone, VOIP softphone, or have your business phone system call up clients. Companies such as PhoneBurner can make it easy to manage employees, track sales performance, and share content and features configuration to get new sales agents dialing quickly with higher efficiency.

This way, you will surely start getting more conversions eventually. It would be a slow process, but it could yield greater outcomes in the future.

7. Read Books and Join Sales Training Programs

Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends is necessary in order to survive. Being a responsible agent, you must upgrade your skills and knowledge and ensure to be more creative and innovative in your presentation techniques.

Read books and other sales materials from successful authors and industry leaders to learn various strategies and effective ways of approaching your clients. Better still, try joining sales training programs and gain as much knowledge as you can from industry leaders and expert trainers.

Do everything you can to strive towards achieving perfection and specializing in sales. If you do this consistently, it will be very profitable in the long run as there is a lot of money in this industry.


Try implementing these strategies in your presentation processes and you will definitely pitch your clients better. Just maintain consistency and ensure that you focus on your services as well. Additionally, try to provide the best-in-class support service to your merchants account holders and take extra care that they are having a seamless credit card processing system. Your clients will be working with you as long as you are benefiting them and their customers.

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