30th October 2018

Tips For Creating A Welcoming Kitchen Space In Your Home

For many cultures, the kitchen is the true heart of the home. Many hours are spent congregating in the kitchen area of your home, so it’s important that you create a warm and welcoming space to enjoy.

Your family deserves to feel at peace while visiting, and you deserve to have all the functionality you’ve ever needed in your kitchen. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune, read through a few brief tips for creating a more welcoming kitchen area in your home.

Add color to the walls

If you’re hesitant to paint your kitchen walls, hesitate no longer. Roll out a fresh and bright coat of pain on one of your kitchen wall to create a color accent. Decorate the wall with colorful artwork to further accent the wall.

Your space may also benefit from adding a creative (and colorful) backsplash. Your backsplash makes more of a difference than you can know, until you see the finished product. Your family will naturally be drawn together in your new, improved space.

Wage war against clutter

We all have those moments when the kitchen counters are a catch-all for, well, everything. Resist the urge to clutter up your kitchen space, and wage war against anything that mugs up your space.

In the event that your kitchen remains cluttered no matter how hard you try, then perhaps you should consider hiring a house cleaning Tucson or one within proximity to help you clean up the space. Clean and clutter-free countertops are welcoming to housemates. An empty countertop is always begging for someone to put food, cards, or some other social variable on the table.

Lighting is a vital component

Lighting is a valuable tool for comfort in any room of your home, but it can be especially powerful in the kitchen. Light up glass cabinet doors. Add lighting underneath cabinets for nighttime ambiance.

Natural light is also a key factor in your welcoming kitchen layout. Make sure there are plenty of clean and clear windows, and don’t cover them with dark, tacky curtains.

Display tools in an artsy way

You can use the most frequented tools and accessories in your kitchen to decorate the walls and hide unsightly outlets/cords. Lean a chunky cutting board against the wall as a coverup for countertop outlets.

Mount wooden strips with strong magnets, so you can display your chef knives. A magnet board will also make it much easier to access your knives as you cook.

Use herbs and spices for added color

Use glass display containers for your herbs and spices for added natural color in your space. Line your windows with fresh growing herbs to add another layer to the welcoming air in your kitchen. Even if no one is cooking, the smell of fresh herbs will fill the air of your space.

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