11th July 2019

The Legal Ins and Outs of Marriage and Divorce

Yes, marriage is about love. But it is also about a lot of other things, particularly when it comes to legal contracts. So even if you think it’s very romantic to get married to someone, you have to understand all of the contractual connections that you and your spouse are entering into as well. 

And you both know that administrative paperwork is probably not the most enticing thing to work on together, but understanding how all that works together is very important for many different reasons.

As far as the legal aspects of marriage and divorce go, think of it from a few different perspectives. First of all, consider what marriage is as far as the legal contract is concerned. There are a lot of elements you may not have thought about in the puppy love stage of your relationship. 

As far as divorce goes, it’s absolutely vital that you understand how finances contribute to the connection and disconnection. And lastly, if you have children, the legal implications concerning child custody and child support are a massive consideration because of administrative, contractual obligations.

Marriage as a Legal Contract

When you get married, you sign a marriage contract. Do you know what is actually on that contract? Sometimes, there will be a prenuptial section in there that people are obviously familiar with. But in other cases, they may not understand what all of the legal information really means. Particularly when it comes to financial matters, marriage contracts can be either very specific or very vague depending on the context.

Details About Divorce

If two people decide to get a divorce, there are a lot of legal considerations to put into mind. For example, some people wonder if the length of the marriage affects divorce. You have to talk to a lawyer about this, because time frames can matter regarding certain specific aspects of the union. For example, depending on who makes how much money during which periods of the marriage, that can affect things like alimony payments.

Child Custody and Child Support

A final thing to consider when it comes to the legal aspects of marriage and divorce is what happens when you have children. Some parents can amicably decide who gets custody of the child. Other parents do not agree about what is in the best interest of the kid.

In these cases, things can get very ugly very quickly. And not only are there custody matters to attend to, but there is also the financial aspect of child support. If parents can’t agree on these numbers ahead of time, it can be a very messy legal fight to figure out who is legally responsible for what eventually.


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