23rd December 2020

The Importance of Some Mommy Alone Time

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The best of mums from all over the world are only too well aware of the need for them to take some time out for themselves, but they cannot help but push thoughts of some mommy alone time to the back of their minds, citing the guilt that comes with doing anything that doesn’t involve taking care of their little bundles of joy. It’s very easy to sit and criticise them for this, but the truth is that a very powerful psychological cue, fuelled by strong motherly instincts, is at play here.

So how do we try and overcome this?

Be comfortable with putting trust in others

The age-old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” rings true to this day, but we might have to think about what a modern day iteration of what a village is. It does indeed take a village to raise a child, but your fellow villagers in this day and age may not be villagers in the traditional sense of what a villager is.

Your mother is a great fit, if you’re lucky enough to still have your own mum, so too your father and in fact any other relative who may not be part of your nucleic family. Rope them in to be of assistance, even if it’s that much-needed temporary assistance that will relieve you of your mommy-duties for just a bit and have you enjoying some alone time.

Trust me, family members of all types of relations are only too happy to help, with those that don’t perhaps have their own children instinctively wired to take over now and then and relieve you to enjoy some of that much-needed mommy alone time.

Try visiting a relative you perhaps haven’t spoken to in a long time, using their introduction to the baby as the excuse to visit and you’ll marvel at the wonders it works. A baby has that kind of effect of bringing family members together.

So take comfort in trusting others to handle the reins for just a bit, while you get your much needed rest and recuperation.

Offsetting the guilt

There’s a lot of guilt that comes with something like spending a bit of money on anything that doesn’t have anything directly to do with baby, but you should work on offsetting that guilt by taking a bigger-picture look at the effects of what you desire to spend some time and money on. Signing for the delivery of your latest CBD supplies from a company like Royal CBD shouldn’t be something you do with guilt, but rather with the comfort that comes with knowing that you’re catering to some of your own personal needs that need to be sorted out in order for you to maintain your sanity and mental health to continue being the good mother you are. Whether you want sour gummies, chocolates, or even concentrates like phoenix tears canada – you can choose what you want!

Also, in current times people have to realize Purekana CBD is highly utilized by people of all walks of life to aid them with something mental or physical, and those that do use it are very unlikely to have any side effects. So, why feel guilty for taking care of your mind?

It’s probably not entirely purely for recreational purposes using something like these CBD flower products in any case. But with all the positive reviews surrounding these products, it is a great way to offset any guilt around such practices. When you decide to pair this with some alone time, it is better to think of it as taking care of your own mental health, which is greatly important to your own personal wellbeing. Once you have taken care of yourself, you will be able to become the best mother you can be.

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