9th December 2019

The 6 Sexiest Hairstyles For Women

There is nothing better than having a good hair day. Great hair can make a woman feel confident, energized, and most importantly, sexy. There are a ton of options to choose from and many considerations to think about when deciding which one will suit you best. As the season’s change and the years pass by so do the trends, but what stays constant are the basic hairstyles that always have the right look. 

What Are The Sexiest Hairstyles For Women?

  1. Classic, Long 

This simple look has always been a winner and even a beauty standard. Long hair can be worn a number of ways from beachy waves, to loose curls, or stick-straight. Long hair has a strong association with femininity, and nothing oozes sexiness more than smooth locks bouncing about with a sweet smile. The majority of women prefer to have long hair which is why it is big business for products on the market claiming that they help grow hair faster and stronger.

If you want to grow your hair and have it look the best, you have to keep it healthy. Well-conditioned hair will have plenty of movement, natural shine, and an overall well-maintained appearance that is uber attractive for the opposite sex. There have been polls done and even studies into the science behind attraction. One poll that was done in 2008 by the Daily Mail concluded that the majority of males surveyed preferred long, wavy hair as the most flattering and attractive hairstyle. 

If you aren’t a risk-taker and are more a fan of the old school, long hair offers you a safe way to express your style. Long hair also compliments any face shape, which is something that not every style can do. As long as you keep your hair healthy through a solid conditioning routine, regular trims, reducing heat, and a great diet to nourish from within, you too can enjoy the benefits of this look.

  1. Bangs

Bangs can go with any hair length and style. They provide a bit of face-framing and can work to add depth to a variety of styles. A smart look, bangs can be worn long or short, depending on your face shape. They can be worn straight across the forehead which works well for those that are wider in this area, or they can be worn side-swept for a flirty look. 

Bangs are sexy because when done the right way, this look can give off a desirable appeal as they provide just enough coverage to the eyes while drawing all the attention to them. The eyes are sensual so a hairstyle that makes them prominent on the face can’t hurt. If you don’t think bangs are sexy, then ask yourself why Ana Steele from 50 Shades of Grey, the female protagonist, rocked this look hard. There is no denying the overflowing sexiness of that saga.

  1. Stimulating, Rich Hues

We are born with natural color, but there is no shame in your game if you want to enhance it or change it altogether. The right colorist can give you the best options for your skin tone to brighten your face and highlight your natural beauty. Vivid colors that have dimension can grab anyone’s attention, male or female.

  1. The Ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a bouncy ponytail. Ponytails have a ton of versatility. A high and tight pony gives a modern sleek look. Natural girls may prefer the no-makeup sporty look of a simple pony offering effortless beauty. Loose ponies give volume and provide for locks of your hair to fall out seductively around the face.

  1. The Pixie 

The name implies softness and utter cuteness which are certainly fair arguments, but the pixie can also be quite irresistible. This super short cut is by far the scariest for women who tend to be more into longer looks. But if you want to really shake it up and be the epitome of confidence about yourself and the innate beauty of your face, wearing your hair short is a good way to go. 

A pixie cut can work on any face, it is the style of the pixie that will be dependant on your face’s shape. Longer faces are the only shapes that can be tricky to rock the pixie. If you have a longer face, don’t fret, it can still be done. Keep your part on the side and that should help balance out proportions. Your stylist can guide you in the right direction with the best way to cut a pixie to compliment your face. Those that are attracted to a self-assured woman will respect this provocative hairstyle.

  1. Bobs

Bobs can come cut with many angles from sharp, blunt lines that are fiercely angled to straight across. During the ‘20s, this cut became in Vogue and has not lost its star power yet. Celebrities all over the silver screen are seen working this look in various ways. The bob is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon and for good reason. 

Literally, anyone can do this look well. That is potentially the greatest thing about the bob cut.  It can look good on every face and offers a timeless appeal to every age. When you want to take some weight off by cutting down the length but you aren’t ready to go too short, a bob is your answer. 

This medium-length style allows you to wear it messy, soft waves, or straight. The choices in variations of bob cuts along with styling options give you an almost limitless selection of looks to try. Bob’s put the sensuousness of the neck on full display, which is oh-so-appealing, and tasty!

What Makes A Woman Sexy?

Attraction is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What attracts one person may not be another’s cup of tea. Of course, good hair, makeup, and clothing can accentuate a female’s beauty, but things that are not on the surface are also important. When a woman feels good about herself and has self-love, it is electric and you can feel it.

Taking care of yourself through healthy habits is not only important to your wellbeing, but it will also improve how you feel about yourself. When a woman’s confidence is high, she can match any hairstyle she chooses and look like a fox at the same time.

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