26th August 2020

The 5 Main Pests That Inhabit Your Residence

Did you know that insects form the most diverse group of living beings on the planet? Currently, science knows about a million insects. The importance of insects to nature is indisputable.

However, many of these insects are very dangerous to health and should be eliminated from your home soon. Do you want to get rid of insects in your home? Rove Pest Control will help keep your home safe from insects and pests.

Here are the five most common pests in homes and how to get rid of them.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the pests most hated by humans. From disgusting aspects and habits, they can be seen in large parts of the national territory. Omnivorous insects, they eat everything they see ahead.

Both paws and feces and the remains of the cockroach body can carry microorganisms that, when ingested, can cause diarrhea and more severe diseases such as hepatitis A. To avoid these, improve the cleanliness of your home, avoiding leaving food scraps on the floor.

  • Termites

Three types of termites are more present in homes: coleopterans, dry wood, and underground.  

The first group has its most dangerous moment in the larvae phase, as they usually feed almost exclusively on wood. The dry wood ones are not very aggressive, but they eat the wood from the house, leaving traces where they pass. Underground ones live the most organized, and if their population is not controlled, they can cause severe risks to your home.

Termites are not usually associated with diseases, but there are cases of asthma and allergies caused by the insect’s saliva and feces.

  • Ants

The presence of ants in your home is not a good sign. Most of them feed on salt, fat, and sugar.

Some say that ants are more dangerous to health than cockroaches. Therefore, you should at least decrease their population in your home. As they are very resistant pests, you must implement incisive measures to destroy their habitat. One idea is to apply water with vinegar to the anthill to increase the acidity of the environment, something they do not usually endure. Also, remember to keep the house always clean.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are capable of transmitting severe diseases: Zika, dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. In 2019, almost 1 million people were infected by dengue and 100,000 by zika.

Dengue mosquitoes are usually present in cities, especially in the warmer areas. Even those that do not cause disease can also be very uncomfortable, because they also bite humans to feed on blood, causing many itches.

  • Flies

It is not just the annoying buzz that flies live. They also carry microorganisms acquired through contact with garbage, feces, and other types of dirt. You can imagine what can happen when it lands on your food or some injury.

The list of diseases transmitted by flies is extensive: dysentery, ringworm, conjunctivitis, and even typhoid. All caused by microorganisms carried in the hair of this insect.


Some precautions are straightforward but do not guarantee effective infestation control of all insects. Many of the measures you take at home will help to decrease insect populations. However, only an efficient pest control with qualified professionals can give you efficient results.

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