17th January 2019

Surrendering to Mother Nature’s Wellness Cues

I suppose it sounds a little bad, doesn’t it – referring to it as “surrendering?” The total opposite is true though – it can only do you a world of good to surrender to the cues that Mother Nature for us, which in a sense is a resolution not be all that proud of, simply because all of this is how it was meant to be in the first place. But yeah – we should all practice following Mother Nature’s lead more often because what she has to teach us is far better at helping us maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health than any doctor’s academic knowledge and experience.

Learning all about the process

So before we get into the actual meat of the matter, first I feel it pertinent to point out the fact that we’ve all probably been aware of Mother Nature’s cues, even if only subconsciously. I mean there are other ways to stop hiccups (actually I know of only one other way), but instinctively even a little child will choose drinking water as most appropriate option, simply because the mind makes a connection with natural instincts in this way. Nobody needs to tell you that you’re possibly headed down the path to dehydration if you have hiccups, perhaps if you have a headache too.

However, as far as following Mother Nature’s wellness cues in general goes, you can make a targeted effort to learn the process, but otherwise you’re already guided by instinct, so follow the instinct. Certain cravings that your body has are often an indication that the body needs the nutrients which are contained in those items you crave. You should resolve to “satisfy” those cravings even when they no longer appear to be hitting you as it’s merely Mother Nature’s way of letting you know that that is indeed what your body needs.

Identifying the sources

The practice of eating organic whole foods, using essential oils, or using natural remedies like marijuana flowers (click here to learn more) to improve one’s health and wellbeing have become somewhat of a lifestyle. After all, these are all known for their various health benefits like combatting stress or insomnia. The existing market around these practices should act as your guide to identifying the sources of Mother Nature’s best in wellness cues. Perhaps after researching them for yourself, you’ll become intrigued to try products by CBD oil manufacturers to provide you with a wellness boost to get through the day in good physical and mental health – naturally, of course.

We’ve somehow conspired to use some of these cues in what are rather negative ways, such as how a certain desert rhino is particularly strong but aggressive because of a certain cactus it eats which contains high levels of the compounds found in steroids.

Focus on the positives. So, instead of marveling at how that mentioned desert cactus is rather successfully used in the synthesis of steroid-containing supplements used by bodybuilders, rather focus on some of the positive cues, like how a headache can effectively be cured with a fresh lemon drink or how all manner of essential oils can solve a myriad of wellness issues you may be dealing with.

I mean wouldn’t it be nice if for example through the use of a selection of certain essential oils for aromatherapy you could save yourself a trip to the psychologist? Well, that and so much more is possible, but only if you take the time to learn how to identify and then follow Mother Nature’s wellness cues.

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