27th August 2021

Special Contact Lenses

The gambling industry is not only a diverse entertainment universe but also an ideal environment for utilizing various fraudulent schemes. You have probably seen unusual devices that allow you to generate endless winnings in cards, roulette or slot machines. Moviemakers often show these tricks in their movies but which ones are real and actually can fool a gambling establishment?

In this article, you will get an answer to this question and learn a few scams that have helped some risky gamblers to leave the casino with massive winnings.

Whereas this device’s cinematic version allows characters to literally see through cards, real-life contact lenses worked in a slightly different way. First, the scammers marked the cards with invisible UV paint, and once they have put on the lenses, they could see their marks and make more informed decisions while playing poker. This trick allowed scammers to win $84,000 in 2011, and gambling venues began equipping their cameras with ultraviolet sensors thereafter.

Radio-controlled Roulette Ball

This scheme, worthy of a separate scene in one of the James Bond movies, is truly legendary. In this case, the criminals relied on a radio-controlled ball to monitor the roulette rounds’ results. They hid a special transmitter in a cigarette pack and could choose the ball’s stopping position with 90% accuracy. The thing was that one of the scammers worked as a pit boss in a targeted casino, and he installed a receiver on the ball. Since the crime took place back in 1973, fraudsters managed to earn more than $1 million through this unique device. And although the law enforcement agencies caught them in the end, this daring robbery will remain a part of the gambling world forever.

Predicting the Roulette Result Through the App

Another famous scamming case was the use of more modern technologies. But what distinguishes this story from other similar ones is that the scammers received their won money, and the court justified their actions. They used an application that allowed them to predict the ball’s final position based on its speed and the roulette wheel sector markings. While this technique did not show which sector would be winning with 100% accuracy, it helped clever gamblers generate more than $2 million in winnings. And since UK’s gambling legislation did not prohibit such sector targeting in 2004, the players managed to avoid imprisonment.

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