3rd February 2022

Reasons You Should Choose a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Self-storage units are helpful and provide you with the opportunity to gain additional space for the items you want to keep when you don’t have space available in your home. There are two types of storage units you can choose from, which include drive-up and climate controlled storage units. Climate controlled units are inside a storage facility and cannot be accessed from a vehicle. A drive-up storage unit allows you to access the unit right out of your vehicle, which means you can drive right up to the door of the unit.

There are several reasons why you should choose a drive-up storage unit. Many people find that they love the idea and convenience of the drive-up option. If you are on the fence between a drive-up option or an indoor option, we will explore the advantages of a drive-up option.

1. Ease of Access

Drive-up storage units are easy to access, and they provide you with the most function possible. When its raining or snowing outside, you can pull right up to the door of the unit, which means you do not have to unload or load your items in the inclement weather. You also do not need to travel on foot to and from your car to the storage unit, which saves you time overall. In addition, you can quickly and easily move large or oversized items into your storage unit with the ease of being able to drive right up, which limits strain on your back and risk of damage to the furniture or items themselves.

2. You Have Options of Sizes

One of the nice things about drive-up storage units is that you can choose the best size to accommodate your needs. As with indoor units, drive-up units come in a variety of size options, so that you can store as little or as much as needed.

3. It Costs You Less Money

Drive-up storage units like those provided by agencies such as www.ezstorit.com are outdoor units, which means they are not climate controlled, which also means they will cost you less money to rent. You will find that the price for an outdoor unit is significantly less than that of an indoor unit plus you get the convenience benefits with the outdoor unit.

4. Good Option for Large Items That Need to Be Accessed Often

Drive-up storage units are perfect for those who need to store large and bulky items that need to be accessed often. For example, if you own a lawn care equipment business, you may want to store your equipment in a storage unit but still be able to access it quickly and easily. A drive-up storage unit will allow you to do this, and you can access the unit as often as you like.

Moreover, you can find storage companies like Boombox Storage that may provide additional facilities like packing, pickup, and delivery. Such service providers can ease your load of moving your belongings to a storehouse facility.

Drive-Up Storage Is a Great Option

Drive-up storage units are a wonderful option and can provide you with convenience. Not only do they save time and money, but they also allow you to quickly access your items when you need to without a ton of footwork involved.

One of the things you want to keep in mind; however, is whether a drive-up unit is the best option for you. While they are wonderful options, if you need to store clothing, furniture, and electronics for longer periods of time, they may not be the ideal option.

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