17th February 2020

Reasons why a lot of companies and individuals prefer to hire freelancers

There are many ways that a company or an individual can get the labor to carry out a particular task. One of the commonly increasing options is by opting for freelancers. Freelancers are individuals who work remotely and be employed through the Internet, majorly through Freelancing websites. They could help with jobs that could be carried out remotely. Daily, hundreds of thousands of jobs are given out through freelancing platforms and millions of dollars paid for freelancing services offered. This article will discuss why a lot of companies and individuals prefer to hire freelancers.

Cheaper services
A major reason why a lot of companies and individuals prefer to hire freelancers is for cheaper services. When you are hiring an individual or company in your locality for a particular task, you are bound by a lot of rules including minimum wage. Furthermore, the company or individual you want to employ will give you their price and you would either have to abide by it or continue searching. On freelancing platforms, you have the option of deciding how much you want to pay and request only those who are okay with your budget to bid. This way, you could pay lesser than you would have been paying if you had employed locally.

Quality services
A lot of freelancing platforms such as Fiverr put in a lot of measures to ensure that freelancers working on their platform deliver quality jobs. Prominent among those measures is the fact that payment is only concluded after the customer is satisfied with the job done. Another measure is the fact that employers can leave reviews for employees. Thus, the need to collect their payment and maintain a positive review so that they can get other clients forces freelancers to deliver quality services. Freelancers would be willing to do a thorough job and even do reviews and corrections for free so that you can release the milestone or escrow you have created for them and also give them a positive review. A lot of employers have indicated that they get better services from freelancers than when they employ locally in terms of quality of job delivered, willingness to make corrections and speed of job delivered compared to when they employ locally.Easy and fast to get freelancers
The ease and speed with which employers can get freelancers is another factor that attracts them to freelancers. It is possible to create projects where you indicate in our instructions that you need the job done within the next 2 hours. In less than 5 minutes of posting your jobs, you would already have freelancers who are willing to do your job based on your timing and your budget bidding. You also have the opportunity as an employer to go through their profile, ask for the previous job and conduct interviews to be sure they are capable of doing the job and delivering it as promised before giving them the job. Thus, you could employ a freelancer(s) in less than 10 minutes after creating a project.

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