6th December 2018

Practical Strategies to Escape the Daily Grind

Let’s face it – unless you’re given something like a full paid-year off (like that ever happens), even that wouldn’t be ideally enough to spend that crucial time with your newborn following their birth. They grow up so fast and the number one cause of parents missing those key moments in their children’s lives is indeed the grind, bringing into focus one of the many reasons why we might be contemplating the prospect of trying to escape the scripted life which has solidified around the rat-race.

Let’s stop dreaming for a bit though and explore some pointers which form part of some practical strategies one can actually use to give an escape from the daily grind their absolute best shot and actually have a chance of succeeding.

Group investments

Find other like-minded individuals who specifically harbour a desire to escape the daily grind and engage in group investments. What you actually invest in would then be a matter of the opportunities identified, otherwise when people get together and contribute just a little bit of money each, it can very quickly and easily grow into a pool of capital to be invested in low-risk / high-yield ventures.

Dynamically designated supply-chain management

Perhaps to build on from the group investments strategy and if you’re at a loss for what to invest the money in, dynamically designated supply-chain management is one route to take. Basically all the members of the group just take it in turns to assume the role of “supplier” of any goods which a large number of the group members periodically buy. If you can assume the role of supplier for a loaf of bread which is bought by 1000 people per day for example, isn’t that enough to even generate a bit of wealth, never mind just creating an alternative income source which can serve as your escape route from the daily grind?

Monetising your daily life activities

I know just how soul-crushing mere existence can be in modern times which are driven by yardsticks such as our careers, so I’m totally up to speed with the fact that the average hard-working and responsible adult is simply too tired by the time they get home to even think about something like starting a business or researching investments to get into. They take absolutely everything you have in you at your job, perhaps leaving just enough to have you recuperating so that you can start the whole process all over again!

So in order to find some practical ways through which you can perhaps try and escape the dreaded daily grind, you should look towards your life as it already exists to see if you can’t find monetisation channels. For example, if gambling is one of the means through which you entertain yourself when you have some free time, the time you spend on this website can turn into a channel for multiple income streams. In addition to the winnings you can amass regularly if you develop a solid, stats-based betting strategy, you can perhaps start putting together betting tips which you can either sell directly or monetise through ads placed around content you share.

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