28th July 2020

Picture Day Outfit Ideas for Your Little One

Summer is ending soon and school days are just around the corner, which means Picture Day is back. Mark your calendar now and set a reminder on your phone. Otherwise, you might be stuck with Junior’s favorite ratty T-shirt for the year’s look. Your kid would probably be thrilled, but you’re the one paying for the pictures. Also, they’ll change their minds when they’re older (Why did you let me wear that?!?!). Explain to them that the shirt that’s barely holding together works better in action shots, and then take some to make them happy.

But for the big day, here are some ideas.


Decide now which hairstyle you can reasonably do and will look as cute as your child deserves. Boys are generally easier unless they’re rocking a longer look, but girls generally have more choices. Here are a few hairstyle ideas for girls that are a lot of fun. I wouldn’t pick one that’s too difficult if your talent doesn’t run in this direction. And do NOT try a new hairstyle for the first time on the big day! If you find a style you like but that’s new to you, practice beforehand.

Don’t get your kid’s hair cut the day before either. Two weeks out is a fair amount of time. Here are some boy haircut ideas if you want to try something new.

Patterns and Colors

When it comes to clothing for picture day, don’t go for a faded look. Brighter colors tend to be more flattering in pictures for a variety of skin tones especially when using CBD Skin Hydrating Gel (50ml, 500g CBD), so choose a color that looks great on your little bug. Be conscious of which colors make your kid’s eyes just pop. No matter how much you love it, some people can’t wear yellow. And bright does not mean neon–stay away from colors so bright we can’t see what the child looks like.

Avoid busy patterns and logos, and tops with pictures or characters on them.

I love the colors available in Presley Couture’s jumpsuits, twirl dresses and pinafores. If you choose a plain jumpsuit or pinafore, you can add a top underneath with a little bit of pattern to it. A stripe peeking out or a floral pattern, but avoid going too busy. Accessorize with simple jewelry. You can go with a bigger hair clip, but nothing that draws the focus away from your kid’s adorable face.

For boys, a pullover or a blue or red button-down shirt is nice. You can get away with a subtle plaid or stripe from GANT, depending on the background the photographer is using. Find out what the photographer’s plans are, or go with a bright plain shirt.


Sometimes the school will take an extra picture of siblings together. For children who are the same sex, this is easy. You can buy an outfit in the same color or same style but in different and complementary colors. For boys and girls, choose colors that go well together, or choose the same color in different shades.

Happy Picture Day! I hope the photos turn out great. Even if the kids make weird faces, no doubt you’ll eventually think it is adorable and hilarious…eventually.

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