8th March 2021

People Recommend Vinyl Flooring, but is it Really Suitable for Me?

A recommendation from somebody is never a sure-fire solution. It comes down to a lot of factors.

What has worked for one person may not be suitable for your needs – so a recommendation is either something that’s not as good as told or a complete surprise out of the blue. The difference in knowing for sure is doing the research against what you want it to do.

Case in point here is being recommended vinyl flooring for your home, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. What is it, how does it benefit and is it right for my kind of home lifestyle?

What it is

Luxury vinyl flooring is a product that perfectly replicates hardwood, stone, slate and other flooring styles into boards or tiles that layer your floor.

Now this can be done in two ways, by clicking together the panels or gluing down tiles, depending on your preference. It can be done by a professional installer but also can be done by yourself if you fancy the DIY work and want to save a little extra money.

The flooring is made up of thin layers that each have their own properties from a highly durable wear layer to properties that focus on protective measures such as stain resistance, waterproofing and eco-friendly properties. It has become a highly popular product due to its ease in maintenance and perfectly replicating looks.

How Does it Benefit

First of all, Luvanto Endure Pro and subsequent ranges are collections which are all about savings.

Not only does it save you money by choosing a product much cheaper than real hardwood or stone, but it also saves you on buying specialist cleaning products due to its ease in cleaning. A regular sweep and vacuum and the occasional mop will keep your floor consistently looking like the day it was laid for upwards of two decades.

Also, due to its many protective properties such as scratch and stain resistance, you rarely ever have to replace any individual tile or board. It can also be laid in any room, such as kitchens and bathrooms that require a floor that can handle moisture at high levels.

Is It Right for My Home Lifestyle

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a high durable product, so if your home is prone to heavy foot traffic you will find it is perfectly suited to withstand it.

Although it has protective measures in place, it is advised that rooms with furniture that have sharp feet or edges have them given soft padding to ensure no deep scratches take effect. It is also recommended that whilst the panels and tiles provide high levels of waterproofing, any spills be cleaned up straight away to avoid long periods that could take a toll on the wear layer.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a highly recommended product and could be the perfect fit for if you look for style, ease and protection within your home.

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