21st February 2018

Safely Setting Up a Home Wi-Fi Network

As a complementary solution to having every member of the family on each of their own individual data plans, setting up a home Wi-Fi network can save you quite a bit of money amongst many other advantages it offers. This is not to say everybody must now exclusively connect via the home Wi-Fi network and

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10th February 2018

Introducing a Pet into the Family

Aside from a deep-running love for animals, a pet that is introduced into the family can play a big role in the positive development of every single member of the family. I think I’d be correct in assuming that a puppy is the first thing that popped into the minds of most of my readers

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31st January 2018

When Online Shopping Comes in Handy

Things like extreme introversion are challenged to the point of total annihilation when you have children to raise or indeed if you’re working in a specific industry, but otherwise the backlash could come in the form of overcompensation when you have the chance to indulge your introversion. Something like shopping exclusively online perhaps makes for

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10th January 2018

Exploring Auto Pet Feeders

It’s funny how I actually came across auto pet feeders by running a simple Google search, only to have my idea shot down as it turned out not to be such an original idea after all. I should have known that someone in this big wide world has perhaps already come up with the invention

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1st January 2018

Financial Planning for the Kids’ Future

When it comes to the institution of a financial plan for one’s children, many parents often miss the point completely and focus on things that don’t really matter. It’s not about mapping out a path for your child with regards to which kindergarten they’re going to attend, which elementary or primary school they’re going to

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