20th June 2018

Combating Laziness

One of the perks of being an adult is being in full control of all the decisions you make, so in the case that what’s best for you can be put off for later you can indeed take the decision to get to it later. As long as you acknowledge the fact that the responsibility

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5th June 2018

Safe Internet Use for the Modern Day Kids

Admittedly it might seem like a losing battle trying to keep tabs on the kids’ internet usage these days, what with all the tools and tricks they have at their disposal to bypass just about all the monitoring utilities parents have access to. If it was indeed a battle of the internet skills then I

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15th May 2018

Overcoming Procrastination

Possessing the tendency to procrastinate makes for quite the precarious situation to find yourself in because it’s somewhat of a lifelong “condition”. I mean there is no doubt about the fact that it’s a negative quality to possess because it sets you going on a cycle of alternating between two extremes and that cannot be

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1st May 2018

Prepaid Debit Cards for Better Financial Segmentation

So I did an experiment with the use of prepaid debit cards from different issuers and service providers just to see if there would be a difference in the various service fees I otherwise ordinarily have to contend with when making use of traditional banking services. What I learned was that there are indeed some

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10th April 2018

Talking to them about the Birds and the Bees

Your own children may not make for the guilty parties (not your darlings, surely), but these days there’s very little respect afforded to what were once justifiably authoritative figures in educators. What this means is that apart from the specialist academic knowledge teachers impart to learners, the learners take away less by way of life

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1st April 2018

Learning a New Language as a Family

You’ll probably have to put in twice as much effort as the kids just to keep up with the pace at which they’ll evidently make progress, but learning a new language as the whole family can come with advantages that go far beyond the obvious new skill of being able to communicate in another language.

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20th March 2018

Planning the Ultimate Family Vacation

There’s a reason why any plans for a family vacation are made well, well in advance and that reason is that it is indeed quite the task. It’s an exciting prospect, yes, but it is also a colossal task to say the very least. Things could pop up between now and the departure date, but

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1st March 2018

Teaching Your Children the Value of Money

When it comes to teaching your kids the value of money, unfortunately a theoretical approach can only get you so far. If the practical experience they have with money begins and ends with the allowance they punctually receive then they won’t learn to value money all that much. This is further compounded by them receiving

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28th February 2018

Teaching Your Children to Value their Time

When things start to normalise (or get as normal as they can get) by way of your domestic routine and the general manner in which you handle your domestic affairs, as a parent your mind cannot help but start to dream up all sorts of goals you have for your children. It can become very

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21st February 2018

Safely Setting Up a Home Wi-Fi Network

As a complementary solution to having every member of the family on each of their own individual data plans, setting up a home Wi-Fi network can save you quite a bit of money amongst many other advantages it offers. This is not to say everybody must now exclusively connect via the home Wi-Fi network and

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