9th March 2021

Is it Hard to Get into Saint Martin’s?

Saint Martin’s is a private university located in Lacey, Washington. It was founded as an all-boys school and later evolved to the institution of higher learning. You would be happy to know that it is best known for business administration and civil and mechanical engineering and its education programs.

The education offered here is based on liberal arts, and the school emphasizes quite a lot on Benedictine values.  This clearly shows that this is a very good choice, especially if you can get in, and that is where the question comes in: is it hard to get into Saint Martin’s? We have all the answers below.

Saint Martin’s Acceptance Rate

Saint Martin’s University’s acceptance rate is 96%. There are very easy admissions standards, which can be quite a huge relief to many who want to join a reputable university without costing them an arm and a leg. With this being said, some things can delay or disqualify you from getting into this school.

One of these factors will entail late application. You have to make sure that you apply to the school as early as possible to beat the deadline. The second reason is having subpar ACT/SAT scores. If you opt to sit for the test, ensure that your SAT scores are above 3.45 to better your acceptance chances.

Additional Reasons Why it can be Hard to Get into Saint Martin’s

Saint Martin’s University encourages all its applicants to apply early. Early applications lead to early acceptances. This is one of the main reasons why some students might find it hard to get into the university because they were late.

Some students consider an early application due to the ease of acceptance and because they understand that they get to better their chances. In most universities, early acceptance rates are up to 50%, meaning that the remainder of St. Martin’s acceptance rate is 46%. Early application will improve your chances, but it won’t be a great solution to having the best GPA.

Another reason that it might become hard for you to get into Saint Martin’s is multiple applications. Some students are comfortable in sending out a few applications to their favorite universities. However, those who want admission to top universities take their time to send more applications.

The influx of applications can contribute to the higher acceptance rate and lower the enrolling rate. This can, in return, lead to people who wanted the spot in the university missing out to someone who was trying their luck to see how many universities they are accepted into.

Don’t Give Up

Applying to a university can be stressful for some people. However, this should not bother you. Take your time to study the different university requirements, and you will better your chances of getting accepted.

If you want to go to Saint Martin’s, you should check out their website and ensure that you apply in time to avoid being left out. Also, consider having great ACT/GPA scores to stand out from the competition.

Infographic Provided By Trinity Christian College

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