31st October 2018

Interior Design Styles From Around The World

Exploring the many different interior design customs around the world is always great for finding a fresh perspective. Redecorating your home should be a creative process, and the journey your mind takes as you dig into the world’s interior design spectrum should be an enjoyable adventure.

Start activating the decorative vision in your mind, and being your research now. Here is a brief description of a few of the world’s most tantalizing interior design styles. Take notes as you read on the things that strike your personal fancy.


Singapore has a rich design culture that incorporates several different styles, but there is one particular style that often stands out among the rest. Utilitarian style is arguably the most popular interior design style in Singapore.

Utilitarian decor features an emphasis on brick walls, gritty finishes, surfaces made into chalkboards, and sleek flooring in Singapore. You’ll want to add some galvanized steel, bronze textures, and think urban when designing for a utilitarian sort of style.


Classic Japanese designs are minimalistic. Japan is rich in ancient Zen traditions, which is thought to be the root behind the country’s simplistic design style. In Japanese design, less is more. The sleek furniture (similar to those found on office monster) also plays an important role in providing this simplistic style.

Designing an interior space to match that of a Japanese home requires lots of houseplants, sliding doors, shoji screens, and plenty of flexibility in the living spaces. Clutter is the bane of existence to Japanese design, so keep it simple.


Morocco has a very diverse history, and the mix of culture and religion has given way to an exciting blend of interior design styles. Moroccan design features an array of bright colors, textures, and sharp geometry.

Patterned tiles decorate the floors, and plush furniture holds strong to display intricate decoration, rich with history. Focus on patterns, warm textures and colors, and organic materials as you work your way through your version of Moroccan design.


Scandinavian design features comfort and functionality. Brush up on your knowledge of hygge and lykke, and you’ll have a good start. Check this out for more information on the differences between hygge and lykke, and decide which path best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for the best color palette for your Scandinavian design project, paint your walls with neutral tones. Pick out the fanciest pops of pastel for your furnishings. Baby blue and blush pink are both popular design colors.


French design is one of the finer types of interior decorating styles. Add a crystal chandelier and plenty of fresh flowers, featuring a soft color palette. Light blues, a few hints of gold, and some sage shades of green will have you feeling the French chic design in no time.

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