23rd February 2021

Important Steps that are Often Overlooked When Hiring Someone

Take the next few minutes to find out what you can do to improve your odds of hiring good employees.

Make Sure Your Job Description Is Marketable

It’s common to hire a person based on the job description instead of their background and experience. This is usually because the job description can be filled out on a job board or obtained from a friend. If you are hiring someone for a temporary position, they may have all of the skills needed to fulfill the duties of the position. Be sure to ask the person if they are willing to be flexible in the short term.

Additionally, think of the person as a temporary employee. Ask them to describe how long they are willing to be employed for. Also, consider job security. Ask the candidate if they can hold their job if you have a short-term shortage of workers.

Ask About the Candidate’s Previous Work Experience

Providing job candidates with a job description does not have to be completely done. If the job requires a skilled, experienced person to perform a skilled task, most candidates will look for someone with this experience. However, it is also common to meet a candidate with less experience for a temporary job. The candidate will be able to articulate why they were hired for a job, the responsibilities of the job, and what skills and experience are needed to complete the tasks.

The ideal candidate should be able to articulate the problem they would solve for you and how they would overcome any challenges. This helps you determine if they will be a good fit for your project and allows you to know if the job description is correct and relevant. You can usually ask them to tell you about their previous experience. Remember, the technical aspects of a job can be taught, but things like people skills can’t; so hire for the soft skills first. This will ensure you hire someone who will fit into the team well and represent your company.

Carry Out a Criminal Background Check

If your new hire is trustworthy, they should have already told you about any criminal convictions they’ve had. Whilst it’s illegal for you to discriminate against ex-convicts, they must disclose all of their criminal records to you during the hiring process. This is especially important if you’re hiring in an industry that handles sensitive data. As a precaution, head to somewhere like Sterling Check to conduct a fingerprint check on your new hires – this will uncover any convictions they’re hiding. From there, you can decide whether you can trust them or not, helping you to make a more informed choice.

Conduct a Drug Screen During The Hiring Process

In 2010, roughly 8 out of 10 employers hired applicants without taking a look at this site to help them conduct a drug test. However, drug use by employees is a huge workplace cost to employers. Not only is drug use an administrative headache, but there’s also a serious risk of serious health consequences.

Once you’ve developed a business, your opportunities to put employees through drug screenings will be much more limited.

The good news is that drug screening is an easy way for employers to get rid of employees who are more likely to have drug problems. Health Street offers a 10 panel drug test.

Some companies with strict drug policies may still require drug screens when interviewing new employees, while others may do their testing during the job interview.

If you’ve already interviewed prospective employees, conduct drug tests before hiring them to give yourself a better chance of hiring someone who’s responsible.

The aim is to ensure you’re hiring the most responsible people possible.

If the hiring process is long and you need someone to fill your open position, use the time you’ve already invested to conduct drug screenings and drug tests during the hiring process.

The simple step of drug screening helps you keep a better eye on your job applicants, while providing employers with a more legitimate drug screening method to use during the job interview process.

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