8th February 2019

Ideas For Keeping Your Child Engaged Outside of School

School is the place where children learn their basic education as well as social building blocks. However, that doesn’t mean they should stop learning when they leave school for the day. It’s important for them to have activities outside of their classes which help them flourish.

Since all kids are different, there’s no one activity which works for everyone. In order for their strengths and passions to be individually nurtured, it’s important they like the activity.

Here are some of the best ideas for you to choose from.

Music Lessons

Getting your child involved in the arts is a great way to teach them self-expression. While words can convey plenty, sometimes art can convey even more.

Signing them up to take piano lessons, or joining a choir is a great idea for getting started. Ideally, you should rent the instrument rather than buy it initially. Since kids can be fickle about what they like, you can easily find yourself with a $2000 instrument you’ll never use again.


Dancing, much like music can provide children with a unique freedom. Moving their body is a great way expel extra energy, as well as keep them physically fit.

Let your child take a look at all of the different types of dance available. Their personality may be better suited for tap or classic dance, while others are made for ballet.

Join a Sports League

Take a look at some of the sports leagues available in your area. Not only will your child make some new friends, but they’ll have something to work towards. A team requires teamwork and a commitment to doing your best.

While there are plenty of solo sports out there like tennis or archery, teamwork prepares them for an adult work environment.

Art Classes

Some kids are natural born artists. It seems like any blank piece of paper around the house is quickly covered in doodles. If your child shows an appreciation for drawing or painting, get them into a class and hone their skills.


Karate or other martial arts classes teach core strength and mental discipline. If your child is especially rambunctious, martial arts can help focus their energy.

At the same time, if your child is shy and lacks assertiveness, it can be a great tool for setting boundaries. You can find many classes for kids Karate las vegas or los angeles, chicago or seattle. No matter the city you live in, look for reputed schools that can teach your kid to be well-versed in this art.

Theater Classes

So, you’ve got a natural born comedian on your hands. Give them an environment to master their natural skills.

Many local theaters offer a theatre class which puts on a final production at the end of the year. Showing your child what it’s like to be on stage can help them decide if public speaking is something they may want to do later in life.

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