26th December 2018

How to Prepare for When Your Child Leaves Home

There comes a time in your family’s life when your child or children will eventually leave home. Maybe they are off to college or exploring opportunities abroad. Either way, it’s never an easy time for a parent. The physical separation that comes with them leaving is a daunting thing to think about. And often, it can lead to emotional separation. It is so important that you and your family prepare properly in order to minimize the looming sense of loss that comes with their departure. Your relationship with them will surely change but it does not have to be for the worse. By implementing a few key preparation strategies for when they leave, you and your children can maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

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In this article, we will share a few ways that you can prepare for your child or children’s inevitable move away from home.

Empower Your Child

As much as you may want to, it’s time to stop taking charge of their life. They are old enough now to make their own decisions and you need to let them do so. This doesn’t mean removing yourself from the equation. Rather, guide them through the moving process. Teach them the importance of making lists, jotting down important dates, and searching via the right platforms. Show them the best property websites or encourage them to go through dormitories to find a place to live near their college. Let them create lists of what they might need for their room and assist them with packing and moving. You can also consider equipping them with information related to companies such as Deheini (check out https://deheini.com/ for more details), which provides packers, movers, and cleaners for relocation. Teach your kid to be self-sufficient and independent so that they will struggle less after moving out for higher education.

Provide Advice Not Pressure

So, your child has gone and done their research. They have an idea of where they want to stay and what they are going to need. This is not always going to align with your own ideas of their wants and needs. This can lead to conflict, especially if you start to put pressure on them. Sure, not all college dormitories are created equally. See this list, for example. But, you should be willing to hear what they have to say. Listen to their reasoning and have a mature discussion about the pros and cons. Offer any sound advice you have from your college days rather than merely outing any of their suggestions. Show them that they are heard.

Maintain Communication

While they won’t be living at home, they will always be your babies. However, don’t treat them like babies. Don’t pester them and call them at random times of the day. And, do not call them every single day. Before they leave, work with them to establish a few communication methods. Maybe they are happy with a Sunday evening supper catch up or maybe they would prefer a weekly call. Be willing to be flexible with your communication times. They may be attending an event or important meeting at the usual contact period. Let them know that you are there for them if they need, however, don’t go running at the first sign of homesickness. Give them time to work through their problems and lend an ear instead of fixing. For more information on how best to communicate with your kids, click here.

Budget Together

College is as expensive as it is fun. In saying so, it is essential that you set some ground rules for finances. Especially if your child does not have a part-time job. Come to a realistic allowance by discussing expenses with them. Inform them that you will not offer any leeway on said allowance. When the money runs out, it runs out until their next allowance. This will teach them responsibility. With regards to unexpected schooling costs, tell them to let you know as soon as they know instead of bailing them out.

All the tips and tricks in the world cannot properly prepare you for when your child or children leave home. However, these few strategies can make the process a little easier. So, if your kid/s are getting ready to go, then implement a few of these techniques to make the move a success!

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