2nd September 2020

How to maintain your garden furniture in the summer and winter

Garden furniture can bring a lot to the household, particularly if you have a lot of space outside to take advantage of. The different types of furniture available also mean you can pick and choose a style and budget that suits you and the look you are going for.

Whilst investing in good quality furniture has a lot of benefits, you should always buy it with a mind on how you are going to maintain the aesthetics and structure of the furniture. In today’s article, we give you some of our top tips for maintaining garden furniture throughout the winter and summer months of the year.

  1. Clean the garden furniture with warm water once every other week

Whilst some maintenance can be done once in a while, there is no substitute for good old fashioned soapy water. No matter if you have timber, plastic or metal furniture you should regularly clean them with soapy water to clear away dirt, dust moss and algae. This will help keep your furniture in great condition.

  1. Treat the garden furniture if it is made from timber

Timber garden furniture whether hard or softwood may require some form of treatment if you want to keep the original finish intact. In addition to the different styles that can be brought with varnish treatment, it will also help protect it from the elements and dirt over time.

  1. Cover the garden furniture in the winter when not using it

One of the easiest and most common ways to stop weathering over time is by covering the furniture when you are not using it. This helps stop the rain and dirt in its tracks and can save you a lot of time in the future.

Some of the best covers to use are waterproof ones, these will prevent water damage even on the rainiest of days. However, if you do not have that a duvet cover will also work well.

  1. Perform maintenance on metal furniture joints

If you have metal furniture there are a few maintenance tips that you will have to bear in mind when keeping it up together. This form of garden furniture has joints that may need oiling and always keep an eye out for rust, this can cause irreversible damage to metal chairs and tables.

  1. Keep hard and softwood furniture off the ground when wet

If you have hard and softwood timber furniture, some simple preparation methods will help to preserve the wood. Keeping this type of garden furniture off the ground when it is wet will help to prevent rot and damage over time.

Invest in garden furniture that is easy to maintain and use

Keeping your furniture in good condition does not have to be a challenge, the tips listed above coupled with a good bit of common sense will ensure your garden seating and tableware is kept strong and clean over time. If you buy your garden furniture from a good supplier, the added quality of the product will make it a lot easier to maintain

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