28th September 2020

How to dress your child this winter?

Most parents become stressed when the winter season approaches. They are not sure enough whether they have the required clothes to keep their little ones warm through the season.

Children are highly susceptible to cold because the thermoregulation of their body is still not strong. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that they are warm always to avoid catching illnesses such as the flu.

Toddlers will ever want to go outside and play despite the low temperatures. Parents should, therefore, choose the right winter clothing for their kids. The toddler clothings should not be too hot or too cold. But just the right temperature for the child to be comfortable to move about.

It is paramount that whichever clothes the toddler put on to remain smart. In this article, dressing options provided are compatible with both boy clothes and girls dresses.

The below options will ensure your baby is well protected from the winter cold and, at the same time, catering for the smartness of the little one;

Use Light Layers Of Clothing

Layers of clothing ensure that there is air trapped in between the space. Air is a poor conductor of heat; hence it helps in trapping the heat generated from the body. Cotton clothes, woolen clothes, and polypropylene are the most preferred as they have layers to keep the little ones’ bodies warm.

Avoid bulk sweaters that will make it very warm and hinder playing around. Use socks that are not too thick so that their snow boots fit in well. Girls can wear dresses on top of the other clothes.

Dress The Toddler In Mittens

Trying to put a glove on your toddler is very difficult, especially when trying to fit in all the fingers at the right place. Mittens offers an easy solution for this. They easily slip on and are warmer because they ensure that the fingers remain close to each other to maintain the heat between them.

The mittens should have an outer lining that is all-weather resistant and a warm inner lining. They should have short strings attached to them. If these strings lack in your mittens’ choice, purchase clips that you shall use to attach them to the swimsuit. Girls dresses with long sleeves are ideal since they help in holding the mittens in place.

Warm Hats

The head loses much heat compared to the rest of the body. For little children, the hair is yet to sprout all around the head, therefore the ease of them catching a cold if the head is not appropriately covered. Fit in the hat and cover it using the jacket hood. Doing this will ensure an all-time warm head.


Wind and water-resistant snowsuits are the best for your toddler during the winter period. It should have a zipper that runs down to the ankle. It allows for easy removing when the baby requires a potty break or when you shall be changing your little one diapers.

The cuffs should always fit appropriately around the ankle and wrists. It will prevent cold wind from sipping in, making your kid cold. Avoid stringed snowsuits since they are a possible hazard that can lead to choking.

When buying a snowsuit, consider those whose material is nylon as it is the best for good snowsuit qualities. Ensure that the snowsuit fits in properly to form a T-shape.

Three-In-One Jacket

These jackets come with a rain-proof /snowproof outer lining and an insulated liner. They are worn, especially when playing outside or even when taking a walk.

These jackets come in different forms. Some allow wearing each piece separately, while others altogether.

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