27th August 2021

How to Choose Fusion Hair Extensions Supplier Online?

Looking where to buy fusion hair extensions online? Do you want to find a reliable supplier that can offer a wide range of high-quality products?

Today we will tell you what to consider before buying from a new supplier.

How to Find and Verify Hair Extensions Supplier You Can Trust?

Here are five basic things that will help to understand if you have found a good supplier:

  1. For how long the selected company has been on the market

A hair supplier with a long experience in the market will value its reputation and will not risk selling poor quality goods.

  1. What product range is offered

Go to the website of the company you are interested in: see what kind of products they are trading and what information about their products they publish.

  1. Study company pricing policies

Remember, too low price is not a reason to cheer that you save on buying. Good hair a priori cannot be cheap. On the contrary, too low prices are a wake-up call that can point to low-quality materials.

  1. Find out what reviews the chosen brand receive on Google

This will help you to understand whether the information on the company’s website about the hair quality is true or not.

  1. Order a sample

In this way you can check two things at once: how quickly the brand will process and send your order, and what is the quality of products you receive.

Let’s discuss the details of the last one.

How Do You Know if Your Fusion Hair Extensions Have Good Quality?

  • Note the packaging. Hair is not typically wrapped in a plastic bag: it comes as a bundle.
  • The size of bonds and quality of keratin glue are also very important. If you see that the size of bonds is too large, bonds may be too noticeable after application. If keratin glue possesses a low quality, attached strands may start sliding down.
  • Examine the structure of the strands: excessively smooth locks with pronounced mirror glow may indicate that they were treated with silicone. This is done to hide the shortcomings of the material
  • Good hair should feel healthy and soft to the touch. And they should not weigh your hair down.

If you are looking for where to buy fusion hair extensions online, we know what to recommend!

Turn your attention to I Love Slavic Hair products. This brand is a direct supplier of hair from Ukraine and Russia. For your convenience there is a good selection of premium quality materials, which are preferred by top hair salons all over the world. By choosing hair extensions from I Love Slavic Hair, you can be sure that wearing them will be as comfortable and safe for your health as possible, and the locks will look natural and beautiful.

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