15th September 2020

High-End Children Furniture by Dragons of Walton Street

Furnishing a separate room for a child is always a task that has many challenges. Children grow so quickly, and parents often face difficulties while designing nurseries, child bedrooms, and playrooms. A baby room requires as much attention as any other room in the house. Luckily, Dragons of Walton Street is a reliable provider of luxury nursery furniture for your sons and daughters. With the help of professionals working at Dragon, you will be able to not only choose the necessary furniture but also design the whole room stunningly.

The extensive catalog includes handmade furniture such as wardrobes, baby cots, beds, chairs, tables, dollhouses, dressers, etc. There are also convenient furniture sets that contain all items you might need for a nursery room.

The Benefits of Luxury Nursery Furniture by Dragons of Walton Street

Dragons of Walton Street is one of the most famous and beloved British brands of children’s furniture not only in the UK but also all across the world. It started forty years ago as a small local company and eventually grew into a brand associated with happy and cozy childhood. Once you order at least a single furniture item from Dragons for your child, you can be sure that it will serve for many years and even remain for your grandchildren. Here is why people love dragons:

  •  Unique hand-drawn designs – all the paintings included on Dragons furniture are absolutely unique as the group of talented artists working here are making them instead of the machines. Even a product ordered from the catalog will be special since no painting will be completely similar. Besides, you can create a magical nursery by ordering bespoke furniture, whether it’s chairs and stools or handmade furniture castors, there are plenty of styles that you can have your furniture tailored to. The artists from Dragons will surely make all your dreams a reality;
  •  Supreme-quality materials – when making furniture for children, it is extremely important to use the best materials possible. The craftspeople at Dragons mainly use beech and poplar wood, as well as some other natural and child-friendly building materials. They provide beautiful looks and high durability so that even the following generations can enjoy this stunning furniture;

 Gorgeous designs – some of the designs are unique to Dragons. Here, you can find such beautiful series as Vintage Safari, Flower Fairies, Designer Bunnies, and others. Some series are known and loved by many children, such as Beatrix Potter drawings and Paddington Bear. Choose from existing designs or request a unique drawing based on your specifications, and your nursery will become truly special.

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