29th March 2021

Having a Clearout? 3 Reasons to Choose a Professional Waste Management Company

For most of us, the pandemic has meant more time at home, which means more time spent doing domestic tasks like cleaning, organising and even redecorating. If you are like many people, who have utilised this extra time at home to de-clutter and reorganise, then you may benefit from the help of a professional waste clearance company. Iron Daisy, Your Waste Gone are a professional waste clearance company based in Milton Keynes, and in this article they would like to share with you their three reasons for choosing a professional waste management company.

1. Waste is Responsibly Disposed of

When we take waste management into our own hands we are taking on a certain responsibility. We all have a duty to protect and preserve our environment and this includes how we sort and dispose of our rubbish. However, without the proper knowledge it can be difficult to know exactly how and where to dispose of certain items. For example, do you really know which types of plastics are accepted by your local recycling centre? Or, do you just take a refuse sack of mixed plastics to the centre and hope for the best? Licensed and experienced waste clearance companies, such as Iron Daisy who specialise in waste removal Milton Keynes, know exactly how to process materials and ensure they are recycled and disposed of responsibly.

Often times, those seeking the services of a waste removal company will unfortunately be the target of rogues. To ensure you choose a reputable and licensed company look for clear signs of fraudulent and deceptive behaviour such as cold calling, extremely low prices, the use of a residential address, no credentials, cash payments only, no depot, no business phone number and no waste carrier’s registration. Trustworthy companies should be happy to provide you with any business information you request, such as the address of the depot or their waste carriers licence number. They should also be happy to accept card payments.

Remember it is a criminal offence for a company to charge for waste collection and take it to a municipal tip. If you choose a company which does this, you could also be liable. Many rogue collectors will even fly tip your waste, causing harm to your environment.

2. Your Health and Safety are Less at Risk

Moving heavy furniture, sorting piles of rubbish, and loading and unloading waste from your vehicle are all tasks which put your health and safety at risk. Without proper equipment or knowledge of handling, you could easily cause yourself serious injury when disposing of waste. Professional clearance companies similar to Inside Outside Rubbish Removal who specialize in services of Rubbish Removals Hampton, tend to use professional equipment, and are fully trained in handling techniques to minimize the risk of injury to themselves and others. If you’re tackling a large amount of waste including heavy furniture items, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals and keep yourself safe. You can rest assured that these vehicles will do what you need them to do as they are managed through software (see here), that monitors their drivers and fleet ensuring safety and security through a streamlined hiring process that takes into account the correct requirements.

3. Saves You Time

Sorting and disposing of waste can be a particularly time-consuming task, especially when you using your own vehicle to transport and dispose of waste. Hiring a professional waste management company (like Doyle Machinery) that can take care of most kinds of waste materials like green waste, paper, plastics, tyres, sand, and more, can save you time and effort when taking on a home clearout. Such professionals utilize the help of large-capacity vehicles to move large amounts of waste, saving you on multiple trips to your local recycling center. All the sorting of waste is also done for you at the company’s own depot, so there’s no need to spend hours upon hours separating materials to be recycled.

Iron Daisy also sells items of value at their own second-hand warehouse and gives their customers the proceeds. This is ideal for those of you who are wary about choosing a waste management company because many of your items are still in good condition.

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