17th September 2020

Flooring For An Open Plan Room

With more and more of us ripping out our old, outdated kitchens in favour for the modern and stylish open-plan room, it’s useful to get some open-plan decorating tips and tricks. A lot of us have to keep an eye on our little ones while we’re cooking, or needing somewhere to entertain our guests, or having a big social space at Christmas time. For all these reasons, open-plan room’s popularity has soared in the last twenty years. Since your open-plan room is likely to be used for a variety of reason, you’ll want a floor that’s going to accommodate lots of different uses.

The first and most important rule to follow is to make sure you use the same flooring throughout; you don’t want any patchy areas! Since most of use have open-plan rooms for our kitchen and living area, a floor that will cope with the uses of both is very important. As you’re probably already aware, the kitchen has lots of spillages of water and stains – so a flooring that will resist both of these are important. With this in mind, we’d avoid solid wood as it is no good when it comes into contact with water and can scratch and stain. This can come as a disappointment to those of you who have fallen for solid wood’s charm. The open-plan room is the perfect place to install under-floor heating, but again solid wood isn’t compatible with this either.

So What Are The Options?

We’ve advised you on the least favoured choice, but what’s the best? While laminate is highly practical, it doesn’t quite give the same quality level to open spaces as other flooring alternatives. Since you’re likely to be spending the most time in your room, you certainly don’t want to sacrifice style!

With this being said, we’d highly recommend engineered wood or luxury vinyl tiles as the best options. Engineered wood looks identical to solid wood and is much more adaptable, so you’re not having to sacrifice the gorgeous authentic look! The main thing being engineered wood is compatible with under-floor heating, the perfect addition to your cosy family room! It’s ability to cope with moisture makes it easier to clean than solid wood and is better if things are spilt on it. However, engineered wood isn’t completely full proof against stains, scratches and water., so bear this in mind.

As well as this, engineered isn’t a cheap fix and many of us need something a little more affordable. If this is you, then both laminate and luxury vinyl tiles offer us very realistic impressions of real wood but at a kinder price. Available in many wood types, colours and textures you can nearly always get exactly what you want!

Overall, if you’re stuck on where to start with flooring for your open plan room then we’d start by looking at engineered wood. If you then find it’s a little out of your budget, then have a look at some vinyl products as secondary choice! It all depends on what’s most important to you – if you’re prepared to spend any amount of money to get your dream floor then engineered is faultless. But maybe you’re a first-time buyer who just needs a cheap fix. Whatever you choose, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your open-plan room to it’s full potential!

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