27th March 2020

Exploring the Different Types of Online Gamblers

As a mommy-blogger, I’m always but always on the lookout for new opportunities to monetise my blog and perhaps just earn a bit of extra money, even if it’s outside of blogging. To that effect, it would be inevitable that I’d eventually come across the the prospect of online betting as a possible way to earn some extra cash, but then I’d probably have to do it on a professional or semi-professional level. I’m not saying that I could become a bookie, however, it may be a great line of work for someone who is wholeheartedly serious about it. Plus, now with agent payment solution software, it can be even easier for them to manage online accounts and payments so that everything is in order and in one place. On the other hand… I think I might be talking myself into this it seems! I can always learn more here about some tips and tricks to get myself into a good zone to feel confident in gambling online in whichever capacity that is.

Online slots betting for fun

While I do enjoy having a go on online slots, I don’t quite have the inclination to do it on a full-time basis, which leads me to the first type of online gambler in my discussion; the online gambler who plays for fun. Naturally you’d take any winnings you amass, whether great or small, but if you’re this type of online gambler then just play for fun and don’t expect anything at all. If anything comes by way of winnings, take it as a lucky bonus!

Semi-pro online slots players

If one of my main interests was indeed online betting, then I’d probably take this path more seriously. I do however assume the profile of a semi-pro player once in a while, but it’s over short periods of time and with a set budget. If I win, great, but once the set budget is depleted, I don’t spend a single penny more on bets. I switch back to playing just for fun.

That’s what a semi-pro gambler does. It’s not their main hustle, but a so-called side-hustle, which they’d admittedly love to turn into their main hustle.

Professional online slots players

The professionals likely got lucky very early on in their foray into the world of online betting, garnering the adequate capital to continue pursuing online gambling as a full-time career. They usually go about their “work” quietly, but often accumulate their money slowly and over longer periods, as opposed to chasing the next big jackpot payday. So it’s all about long-term betting strategy, based on odds.

Online slots games content creators

I think these are the smartest types of online gamblers, specifically with regards to making money out of the whole thing. These guys create content around the online slots they play and then monetise that content, instead of relying on their luck and skill to make money through something like winnings. If they win, they consider that a bonus, but the real money flows from channels such as monetising the videos they publish on YouTube, discussing all manner of things like strategies, news, etc.

Casual online slots players

Casual players are usually roped in by their peers for a bit of online casino fun, often just giving it a go once and then never really returning to it again. It’s considered a moment of passing fun for them and nothing more.

As far as online casino operators go, this remains a huge market segment for them, even though every suggestion is that someone like a professional or semi-pro gambler makes the platforms more money.

It’s just interesting to note the different types of these online gamblers, some of whom are indeed fellow mommy-bloggers too.

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