22nd February 2019

Everything is fun, even learning

By: Esteban Munoz

Back to school … it doesn’t have to be a challenge. School is a key place for early learning. From classes to recess, school is the first place where we learn to use our psychomotor skills; but, above all, we create social skills and fellowships with other children. Choosing the right school is essential, parents will look at many in their locations to find the school that fits in with what suits their child’s requirements. If their child is about to enter middle school, they may want to scout these schools by looking online, for instance, by checking out a South Bronx middle school, if they are based there, or look around the local area, they can get a better understanding of what the curriculum and goals are.

School –

  1. Fosters imagination and creativity.
  2. Encourages the learning of new behaviours.
  3. Promotes teamwork, cooperation, negotiation and empathy.
  4. Releases tension because it lets us externalize our emotions.
  5. It allows us to know our own physical possibilities.
  6. Fosters self-esteem and self-control, inside and outside the classroom.

As in some playgrounds, there are urban games that stimulate the logic of children, so they are also excellent options to stimulate their learning. Other crucial benefits are the following:

  • Personal security. In the constant coexistence with other children (and thanks to the supervision of teachers), we feel more secure in our actions. We can also develop all our imagination because we reinforce the self-esteem and independence necessary to think freely.
  • Socialization. We play in parallel (we watch and imitate), until 2 years of age. Later we learn social skills (such as waiting for turns, listening to others, or tolerating frustrations) to play in groups.

Everything involved in getting back to school should be fun for the little ones, including those personalized back to school products that they need so much to study, do homework, organize themselves and not confuse their belongings with those of their classmates.

The problem is to help them understand that, that school can be entertaining. How to encourage them to develop their interest in learning?

Flattery and rewards

Children seek parental approval; Then, if you find something that interests them at school, congratulate them. Motivate their interest, encourage them to continue studying, playing sports, reading, and so on.

Sometimes, you can even reward them with a gift that motivates them even more. And better, it can be something related to your activity of interest: books, colours, balls, among other things.

Themes of interest

If something catches their attention, it also awakens the excitement of learning. This is the key to fostering their taste for school. You just have to come up with ways to let them discover and explore them: books, videos, games, musical instruments, etcetera. If you find your little one gaining interest in something new like a musical instrument, you could get beginner violins to try their hands on the instrument. Who knows, they just might turn out to be a prodigy!

Music and games

Do not deny them the arts. Music, painting, drawing, dance, and even games. There could be a high probability that children can develop various cognitive and creative skills through the world of games. In that light, maybe role-playing tabletop games (visit this website for more information) can help your children improve their frustration tolerance, enhance their problem-solving skills, and cultivate their communication skills. Everything is ideal to stimulate their mind, and sometimes even to develop their body. For example, use songs to teach them how to add, subtract, multiply or divide; Know the countries of the world and learn the alphabet.

Now, there are thousands of websites ready to teach grammar, math and other endless topics, taking away the stress of homework or the pressure they might feel in class.


It is the perfect means to awaken their taste for learning. It creates study convenience, improves memory and retention capacity and … eventually, studying will be the simplest thing for children.

Give them fiction, books that awaken their thoughts, like The Once and Future King. That will improve their narrative skills and study topics such as history.

Remember, everything should motivate the learning of children, classes, classmates, games, Personalized back to school products, teachers and, of course, parents.

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