5th November 2018


Weight loss must not necessarily be a strenuous process, and this assertion has been given credence by a new study which has revealed that snacking on one particular food item before going to bed can speed up metabolism.

It is also known that the process of losing weight can be difficult and this is mostly due to varying methods according to experts.

This is related to factors such as what time a person can eat as well as what kinds of food a person can eat. It is difficult to find an optimal solution as it varies from person to person.

However, experts have arrived at one possible tip to weight loss, and it is that individuals should avoid eating before going to bed to promote the process of losing weight.

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The aforementioned study that eating a particular food can promote weight loss was published in the British Journal of Nutrition and it claimed that consuming cottage cheese can promote the loss of weight.

The study was conducted by Florida State University after the examination of 10 active women already in their 20s.

The study was such that they were given 30g of cottage cheese 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed or two hours after dinner. After this, they then carried out a measurement of their resetting energy as well as the energy expended whilst sleeping.

After these processes, they observed something unusual the following morning. They noticed that the women’s metabolic rate and muscle recovery had improved when waking up between 5am and 8am.

This was possible because cottage cheese consists of casein, and this is a protein that builds up muscles and is usually found in protein shakes. Cottage cheese is also a good option for low carb diet plans due to its richness in protein and healthy fats.

The food is also a lower-fat cheese and this makes it suitable for folks suffering from high blood pressure.

Regardless, the advisable amount of dairy which can be consumed daily is three 30g portions and it’s not restricted to cheese alone. This includes other forms of dairy such as yogurt and milk in a balanced diet.

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