17th July 2019

Drilling Down to the Essence of Regulations

Have you ever had to adhere to a set of rules and regulations, or perhaps had them applied to you and you thought to yourself just who on earth came up with these laws? What were they thinking when they made these rules? Were they thinking at all?

It would make for some interesting reading to drill down to the true essence of what regulations are for. This way, we can all chip-in in any way we can to make sure they’re improved and that they serve their originally intended purpose.

Coming into an inherited system

For many people who are thrust into this earth through the natural process of childbirth, they never question the rules which seemingly apply to them as part of a selective group. Who can blame them? After all, we pretty much have no time to question things too much, because we’re too busy learning how to survive.

Shaping a new system

Some individuals exercise a bit of critical thinking, taking the initiative to question the status quo among other systems of governance. Often these individuals go on to uncover a much better way of doing things and if all those who stand to benefit from their exploits are lucky, these individuals help shape new systems that are better.

Understanding the underlying vision

This is where the true essence of regulatory structures resides – the underlying vision. Why are certain rules and laws made and is their current existence the best form in which they could exist? Is there a better way?


Politics tends to spawn around the underlying vision as well as the processes which are supposedly put in place to push that underlying vision and often the accountability markers can get lost to the masses which are affected by the very systems which govern their entire lives. Accountability is important, especially when it comes to those lawmakers and law-enforcers who claim to be working for the greater good of those they represent.

The essence of regulatory systems

Following our exploration of the various elements which come together to make up the essence of regulatory systems, it’s likely becoming clear exactly what that essence is. To sum it up, politics inevitably form around an underlying vision which if realised could ideally be to the benefit of as many people as possible, whom it affects. To sign off with a very simple example, if your Homeowners Association requires you to make use of the pest control services of Pointe Pest in particular, the underlying vision is for some uniformity in dealing with identified pests that could pose a threat to the collective property value and quality of life of the neighbourhood or complex, whereas some politics could definitely creep in as some members of the Homeowners Association begin to ask questions like why exactly that specific pest control service provider was chosen.

This question in particular would be one which is every bit as justified, as it rightfully reveals that that is indeed the best specialist service provider suited to handling that specific requirement in that specific environment.

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