7th January 2019

Doing Your Christmastime Shopping after Christmas?

Admittedly, it makes perfect sense to do one’s Christmas shopping well in advance, in some cases even taking advantage of traditional sales periods such as those which occur over Thanksgiving, i.e. Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But since Christmas shopping is about more than just buying gifts, you would naturally want some good deals to cover aspects such all the food you’re going to eat and everything which has to do with your entertainment, decor, etc. That’s why it’s a good idea to perhaps do things a little differently when hunting for Christmas bargains, such as doing some of your Christmastime shopping after the festive season has peaked.

It’s a simple matter of dividing everything up into what you’re going to buy at which point.

Shopping to do before the season arrives

Luckily most of us are accustomed to doing all the Christmas shopping we can manage leading up to the festive season’s peak, so you’re probably already quite the master of seeking out great deals. In the spirit of doing things a little differently however, as suggested by the main focus of this post, I would suggest that you don’t try to squeeze as much Christmas shopping in before the actual day comes. You should focus on the things like Christmas presents and some of the major decor and events-planning items and services which are going to come together to make up the festivities.

So for example you’d be shopping for gadgets and other gifts to be opened up on Christmas Day, along with ornaments with which you’re going to decorate the dining room table, lights, etc.

Shopping during the season

This is something else which so many of us are very good at, unfortunately, which never fails to contribute to the festive-season last-minute rush and that’s last-minute shopping. This predisposition doesn’t have to be a negative one however and can be used to your advantage if you’re strategic about what you buy during the last-minute rush. Don’t buy gifts during this time – you’ll only be setting yourself up to pay a lot more than what the items you’re buying are really worth and this applies to services too. Try booking an events manager at this time and you’ll find that either they’re totally unavailable due to being fully booked or they charge an arm and a leg because it’s “peak season.”

What you should buy as part of the last-minute rush are perhaps the things you need, as the need for them arises, like some extra snacks perhaps, etc – things that are immune to the inflated prices of the season.

Shopping after the peak-season

Would it hurt if you exchanged Christmas gifts sometime after the actual day and stretched the tradition a bit in this way? In the case of the kids it probably would, but when it comes to shopping for your fellow adult friends and perhaps some family members who are more in line with practicality than anything else, shopping after peak-season can have you in for some great deals. For example, deals aggregator site Love the Sales particularly has some great deals on the Superdry clothing range. Prices are known to drop right down to the floor in January as a means through which retailers can maintain sales volumes, following the post-festive season penny pinch that results from people losing their minds with their spending over the festive season.

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