23rd January 2019

Does Anyone Still Watch Freeview TV?

The other day, we had to get an aerial installation company in because we had recently moved house and wanted to get the TV all set up. And when they were round, it got me thinking about the state of TV at the moment. Do you remember sitting in front of the television as a family and watching terrestrial, or even cable channels for your entertainment in the evening and at the weekends? There are a lot of people reading this that are just too young to remember a time before streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. There used to be that real joy too…that real suspense of having to wait a week until the next episode of your favourite television show was broadcast. So, it seems fair to ask – does anyone still watch Freeview TV?

Ever-Changing Since the Beginning

Television has always evolved over time. When televisions were first designed and shows were made for this new technology, there were only a limited number available. They were in black and white and reserved for those who could afford them. However, they became easier to buy, for people of all incomes and then eventually colour television was introduced. Towards the end of the 20th Century therefore, it is not surprising that television was evolving more.

More and More Channels

By the time the 90s came along, you not only had 4 (and then eventually 5) different terrestrial channels, but satellite and cable television was becoming more prevalent and popular. This gave you the chance to browse through hundreds of additional channels. For people that couldn’t afford a pricey subscription to one of the cable providers though, Freeview TV was introduced as a budget-friendly option. Now, most homes would have had, or still have cable TV services for the viewing of hundreds of different channels daily, you can look into some more information if you were to click here for the statistics on cable TV services in America.

Rise of Streaming Services

Since the vast internet options that we have access to in this day and age have improved connection speeds as well as bandwidths, Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services, such as the use of Proxybay for those shows you just can’t seem to find, have become part of the new way people consume entertainment. These not only provided a huge selection of films to choose from but even started a new way of watching shows – binging. Who reading this hasn’t binge-watched at least one series?

It’s hard to argue with how easy it is to get fully engrossed so much in a high-quality show that you end up spending the best part of a day or maybe even a weekend watching episode after episode. The thrill of having to wait until next week when the next episode is aired, is replaced with a new kind of thrill. That feeling and thought process of ‘just one more episode and then we’ll stop for the day’.

If it felt like something of a novelty in the beginning, it is clear that Netflix and Amazon, as they account for a large percentage of what people watch when they watch television, are here to stay.

So, this begs the question – does anyone still watch Freeview TV? The simple fact is that although many of us would find it hard now to live in a world without streaming services, there are many people who will prefer watching television in the more traditional way. Furthermore, the choice on Netflix and Amazon can swap and change and you may find yourself with nothing new to watch for a period of time – that’s when still having a Freeview TV and one of these indoor TV aerials come in handy. At the very least it gives you another option.

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