8th November 2018

Choosing the Right Solid Wood Flooring for Your Home.

Renovating your home can be an exciting, but often bewildering time. No matter how great or small, making improvements to your inner furnishings can seem like a huge undertaking, and you may be feeling the pressure to get things right first time. Whilst it’s easier to replace mismatched furniture and fabrics, making mistakes with more permanent fixtures can prove costly, and even labour intensive in the long run. This is especially true in the case of new flooring. If you’re deciding to install new floors in your home, you’re making a long-lasting commitment. Though many homeowners overlook the importance of flooring, the difference between choosing a good or bad floor can drastically alter the dynamic and appearance of your home. It’s no secret that solid wood flooring has been a favorite choice in homes for generations, and there are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Not only does solid wood make for a very durable flooring choice that’s timeless in appearance and can deliver stunning visual results without fail, but it is also incredibly easy to maintain when you find a company that specializes in wood floor refinishing chicago based or similar. But even with boundless personality, solid wood flooring can have an underwhelming effect if placed in the wrong area. With a multitude of different types of solid wood available, you may be wondering which kind is best tailored to your home. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should look for when installing solid wood floors:


With its unique, decorative flair, it really is clear to see why oak is the most common flooring type in the world. Although solid wood floors are available in many finishes, shades, and styles, solid oak is a relatively neutral choice. Consequently, it has proven to be incredibly versatile. Oak is without a doubt one of the safest choices of flooring you can make, and will pair beautifully with light and dark rooms alike. This solid wood floor is perfect for those who love the traditional, rustic look of a farmhouse or country home.


Solid acacia wood flooring stands apart from the crowd with its intricate, high contrast grains. With over 980 species in the world today, the colour of solid acacia ranges from golden brown to autumnal red, making it an ideal flooring for rooms with warm colours. Due to the striking detail of this solid wood, best results are achieved when installed under furniture with plain fabrics. This way, your flooring can shine as the main feature in the room.


Though technically a breed of grass, bamboo has proven to be an excellent modern equivalent to traditional hardwood. With cool characteristics and funky patterns throughout, solid bamboo has all the personality of wood, with the added benefit of extra water resistance. As a result, bamboo is an ideal fit for kitchen environments, and will pop against sleek, futuristic appliances.


Deep, rich, and sophisticated. Solid walnut wood flooring brings an abundance of elegance and class. Naturally darker than many species of wood, walnut is best suited to the cosier corners of your home. It’s no surprise that walnut is always fashionable during the autumn and winter months, and looks especially stunning in living rooms and studies. To add depth to a room with walnut flooring, choose furniture with a mixture of complimentary and contrasting colours, textures, and shades. This will enhance the overall aesthetic of the room, creating a balance between light and dark.

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