4th August 2021

Child-friendly Moves for 2021

Moving house is always a big decision but when you have a bunch of little ones to consider too or you’re planning on having them join you as a family soon, then you want to know all the ins and outs of what an area can offer your children and their futures. Moving somewhere with children is a case of knowing how safe the area is, how good the schools are and how many as well as what activities and family time the location has to offer. While you may not want to be slap-bang in the city centre, something well-balanced with plenty of space is always good and an area with a great community ticks a lot of boxes. So here are a few key areas in the UK that really packs a lot of promise if you’re thinking of moving somewhere soon with your little ones.


Just south of Manchester and north of the dividing border, Derbyshire is the perfect family county with beautiful countryside surroundings, quaint and quirky villages and close-knit communities. Steeped in the valleys of the Peak District and swaddled in windswept moorland, nature trails and woodland, Derbyshire is the perfect move for someone looking for a more rural setting with plenty of family-run businesses, farmers markets and relaxing walks. This area is the kind of place that has seen generations and generations live and work here and the sense of community in these towns and villages are just unmatched. If you’re looking for a friendly place to live where you know the local butchers, bakers and boutique owners like your own family then shared ownership Derbyshire is well worth checking out.


If you’re keen to ensure your little ones get the best education around then shared ownership Bedfordshire isn’t one to miss. With a whole host of great schools in the area and Oxford and Cambridge on your doorstep, there’s no better place to bring up your children and ensure a bright future ahead. The area is the perfect balance of convenient cosmopolitan and countryside charm set in the Chiltern Hills and the Dunstable Downs. You can also rest assured that city life isn’t far away with seamless transport connections to London in less than 45 minutes and access to the M1, A1,A5 and A6. And for those highly-anticipated family holidays, Luton Airport is just 40 minutes away.


On the cusp of Manchester and wrapped in glorious countryside, tudor architecture and undeniable affluence, shared ownership Cheshire is a steal. With some of the best grammar and independent schools in the area and Manchester around the corner, you have the pick of the bunch when it comes to education. Shared Ownership Manchester is a great way to get on the property ladder here with the highly sought-after neighbourhoods well served by Waitroses, Sainsburies and of course, Ocado. It’s reputation is pretty up there and a home in Cheshire not only ensures bragging rights but also the perfect safe haven, educational smorgasbord and astute setting for any little ones you bring along.

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