About us

Welcome to Obeying the Truth, my name is Megan and I’m a thirty-something mum from Leeds in Yorkshire.

I’m a solicitor who has been practising law for nearly 10 years but recently decided to take a step back and focus on being a stay at home mum.

I grew up in Sheffield but moved to Leeds for university many years ago and find myself calling this city home.

Myself and my husband, Mr P met in university and have been together for 13 years, we have two beautiful baby girls (6 and 2) and our Labradoodle, Poppy.

I started the blog Obeying the Truth around 2 years when I was pregnant with our youngest daughter. I had learnt so much after pregnancy and raising our oldest that I really wanted an outlet to share my experience and connect with other mums.

Since then, Obeying the Truth has become more like a full-time job and has grown into an incredible community of mummy’s and mums-to-be (as well as a few dads).

Now I haven’t taken a complete break from law but instead, have decided to go part-time and really only pick up the jobs which I really want. I’m very lucky that I have an incredibly supportive husband who is able to support our family whilst I raise our two girls and run Obeying the Truth.

You might be wondering where the name Obeying the Truth came from. Well, it kind of ties in my career in law and the constant misinformation which I was fed up of reading during my first pregnancy. I wanted this blog to be a real, honest look at motherhood and being a parent without sugar coating anything.

As mothers, we all experience the same things, so why do some blogs skirt around the truth?

This blog gives it to you straight and explores the fun and joys of motherhood as well as trickier issues such as post-natal depression and relationships.

When I started Obeying the Truth, I had visions of the site becoming a real hub of support for women all around the world and with each reader, we are really achieving that.

Our content is diverse, funny, informative and most of all its -truthful.

I welcome you to join myself, my family and the Obeying the Truth community as we tackle the wonderful world of motherhood, raising a family and trying to fit in a social life as well.

If you have any questions or would like to write for us, please contact us and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.