16th December 2021

7 Social Media Sites To Use To Get Yourself A Date

We have come a long way since the advent of online dating. From visiting seedy chat rooms late at night, to talking via basic messaging apps through email. You could speak to anyone and not really know who they are, until you’ve met up, at least. But that could also open a whole new can of worms, not experienced by dating people yet.

Before social media and dating crossed paths, online dating was a veritable Russian roulette. You’d put trust and faith in a stranger who you most likely have never seen and all you know about is what they have told you. Like Meg Ryan found out in Sleepless in Seattle, it is a big gamble that sometimes backfires. This all changed with social media and our endless obsession with documenting every minute of our lives online.

Has social media ruined dating? No. In fact, it’s made it a safer and more enjoyable experience. Not to mention, it has actually become the most popular way to meet new people nowadays.

Before we get started talking about the best dating social media sites, it’s important to realise that one platform might be better suited to you than another. With that being said, figuring out which is the best social media for dating depends on what you are looking for and what you use social media for.


Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform with almost 3 billion users. It’s one of the best free social media sites for dating with more and more people finding love through it daily. Time has proven that they not only ended up being happier, but also ended up in more successful marriages than others!

Aside from their dedicated dating site launched back in 2019, using Facebook’s main platform is an easy way to find people with similar interests. Connecting with them via message, or even just liking their content is an easy way to get started.

This is where your flirting game has to be strong! Find the balance between getting their attention but also not coming across too strong (this is tricky to master in the dating world in general).


The great thing about using Twitter for dating is that most people tend to use it as a personal diary. It is a great way to find out what goes on in someone’s head and what sort of person they are. How do they react to controversial topics? What do they find funny or are passionate about, and much more.

If you find someone you think you can gel with, then the easiest way to get their attention is to react with their posts. It’s good to engage with them before”sliding into their DMs” to see if the sparks will fly. Twitter is normally a much less filtered version of someone’s online presence, so this does come with the caveat that you might not always like what you see.


Instagram is another great example of the online dating social media world’s features. You essentially get to see a “best of” montage of someone’s life.

The usual warning about not always believing everything you see on social media applies. However, with the introduction of Instagram Stories, the rose-tinted glasses are lifted and you get to see a more original and organic side to your potential love interest. Commenting on and liking posts is one of the easiest ways to engage in some virtual flirting.

However, some people with followers in the tens of thousands will likely not notice this attention straight away. So it’s important to stand out from the crowd.


One of the riskier sites to use for online dating – but not for the reason you might think!

Snapchat tends to be favoured by a much younger demographic (think Gen Z and late Millennials) so you will have a harder time finding a match if you are a little older. If however, you are looking for something fun and quick, then it is the perfect site to use! It is geared more towards flirting, as it is based solely on sending photos that disappear after a few seconds.

So, keep in mind that it is unlikely to create a romance that will last for years… although crazier things have happened!


When used for dating, TikTok seems to be a mix between Instagram and Snapchat.

Whether you are looking for a last-minute wedding date, lamenting a recent break-up or even just posting about wanting a hiking buddy, TikTok is the answer to all your problems. In fact, the app’s short videos feature has become a very effective way to find exactly what you are looking for. And with plenty of options that allow you to get free tiktok followers and increase your follower base, it might be easier than you think to find your “fish” from the sea. Moreover, who has time to put together and scroll through endless Tinder profiles anyways?


The advantage of using LinkedIn for dating is that people are much less likely to portray something they are not. The main purpose of the site is to make professional connections, after all. Catching a catfish is also easy because you can do a background check based on the info they have on their profile.

If you are a hard-working professional and not looking to have your time wasted, then this is the perfect place to find others of the same mind. Chances are that they are just as ambitious and career-driven as you are!


Tumblr can be viewed as sort of an unabridged version of Twitter.

People post about their interests, repost what they like and others can comment and engage with this. Tumblr is especially useful if you have very niche interests – whether it is LARPing (Google it and try and tell me it doesn’t look like fun) or anime from the late 90s.

It is one of the most underrated sites to find people who run in the same circles as you do. Giving it a shot will prove that there really is someone out there for everyone!

If you baulk at the idea of joining Tinder or Bumble then there is hope for you! Depending on what you are looking for there are clearly many alternatives available. Just remember that there are unspoken social media dating rules to follow.

Don’t become a virtual stalker; learn how to take no for an answer and don’t portray something to the world that you are not. If you are patient and open to new experiences with new people, then using social media for dating opens up a whole new world of possibilities that you never knew existed!

So, what are you waiting for? Start chatting with Facebook messenger, or improve your flirting game with Instagram. If making short videos on TikTok sounds too out-there, then there’s always Tumblr or Twitter to keep it low-key. And, finally, if you are not in the target demographic for snapchat, LinkedIn might be your next favourite flirting site.

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