22nd July 2021

6 Tips for Finding The Perfect Job If You’re A Single Mum

Finding employment is often a daunting undertaking – now, even more so than ever before. Things get even more complicated if you’ve been out of the job market for a while, or need to find a position that allows you to run a household single handedly.

In short, if you want to get a good job in this environment as a single mum, you’ll need to put a lot of thought and effort in. You have to figure out what segment of the job market to target, and do it well. Polishing your presentation is the key to success, as sending out the right type of CV can boost the appeal of your application.

Here are five things to consider when looking for a job as a single mum.

Make a List of Personal Criteria

Before you ever open a job board or start networking, you need to establish what you’re looking for. Draw up a list of preferences for your future job. What are your career goals, what do you want from the job, what would you like to avoid.

This will help you concentrate on positions that suit your needs, and avoid wasting time on jobs with “dealbreaker” aspects.

Study the Job Market

Due diligence is in order when starting a serious endeavor. Take the time to research what type of professional is in demand in your area, as well as remotely.

What’s more, establish what type of skills are now in vogue on the job market. Use your findings when writing your CV and polishing your presentation.

Choose the Right Job for You

Brainstorm some career paths. Look to the Internet for help in that endeavor – there are plenty of good job ideas for single mums out there.

Put all the due diligence you’ve done so far to use as you consider what sort of compromise each position would demand of you. Make your choice carefully, but also be aware that you don’t have to stick to it at all costs. You can always mix things up later.

Brush Up on Relevant Skills

Finding time to up your game while also maintaining a household is a monumental task. However, it may well be a necessary one, if you wish to find a good job.

What skills you will need to revisit, or learn from scratch, will depend on the field of work you’ve chosen. Still, some abilities are “evergreen” – such as communication and tech-savvy. Focus on those, as well as any others that may be valuable to potential employers.

Start With a “Side” Gig

There’s plenty of good advice out there for single mums that want to jump-start their careers. Probably the most important bit is that you don’t need to jump in headfirst and try to hit the ground running.

Instead, getting into the freelance market could be a good option, to begin with. It will allow you to choose your freelance projects and get a feel of your work schedule without committing to a 9-5 posting from the very start. The flexibility that “side gigs” afford is also great for helping you balance work with personal life obligations.

Later, if you want to take an on-site job, you can hire someone to take care of your child during working hours. For instance, you can explore au pair services to hire someone who can live with you and take up household duties along with childcare. These people could be certified and provide you with support in taking care of your kids.

Look for Remote Work

Between the mass implementation of IT and pandemic measures, remote work is now more common than ever. Getting hired to a remote position is still not an easy thing to pull off, but the benefits can be tremendous – especially for a single mum. It’s really no wonder that most of the jobs that are best suited for single mums can be done remotely.

This type of posting eliminates the need for lengthy commutes and offers much-needed flexibility to the employee. If those are a priority for you, definitely consider focusing on remote job positions in your searches.

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