14th May 2019

6 Reasons all Moms Should Be Using Organic Skin Care Products

Whether you’re a new mom with a tiny bub or a mom with a house full of teenagers, this article is for you!

When it comes to skincare products, it’s so important to use organic products, but when you’re a mom this becomes even more important.

If you aren’t sure why organic products are better than conventional brands then keep on reading because we’ll be sharing 6 of the biggest reasons all moms need to make the switch today!

Protects you and your family’s health

This is the number one reason you should consider switching out your chemically-laden products for organic skincare.

Conventional products are simply brimming in harmful chemicals that will find their way into your body since up to 60% of everything you apply externally may end up in your bloodstream.

Common harmful cosmetic ingredients like parabens and phthalates have been linked to everything from skin flareups to hormonal disruptions and an increased risk of cancer.

Helps to perfectly balance the skin

Organic skin care products usually contain wonderful plant-based oils that add the perfect dose of hydration, helping to perfectly balance your skin.

Conventional brands often contain harsh ingredients that strip the skin and put it at risk for everything from breakouts to aging.

Look for oils that are great for all skin types; we especially love jojoba oil, which most closely resembles the skin’s own sebum and helps to soften and hydrate without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Another great skin protecting all natural ingredients to look for is pure vitamin E oil. This is an extremely versatile ingredient which can be added to your favorite lotions, serums, or directly onto your skin.

Helps to clear up breakouts fast

If you’ve just had a baby then breakouts may be common while your hormones try to even themselves out. Or perhaps your kids are just hitting puberty and freaking out over their blemishes.

Either way, organic skin care contains ingredients that will soothe and help to naturally heal acne blemishes, while infusing the pores with powerful antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients to prevent future breakouts. The next time your young one or teenager has a breakout, reach for something like raw African black soap instead of harsh acids and alcohols.

Promotes a radiant glow that rivals the best highlighter

As a mom, it can sometimes be hard to enjoy glowing, rested looking skin, especially if sleep is something of a distant memory right now.

Forget about laying on the highlighter and instead, treat your skin to organic skincare and look for brightening ingredients like vitamin c for a real skin boost!

Provides real anti-aging benefits

Another thing all moms look for in skin care, no matter their age, are ingredients that will help to fight off and minimize the signs of aging.

When you invest in organic skincare, you can enjoy real, visible results thanks to powerful ingredients that provide long-term results, rather than a temporary boost.

Soothes and calms irritated skin

All sorts of things can contribute to sensitive skin from hormonal changes to your diet, but the last thing you want to do is slather your skin in conventional products if yours is sensitive and inflamed.

Organic skin care, especially those products that contain ingredients like aloe and chamomile, will help to soothe skin irritation while providing potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Want to have some fun with your kids while also soothing their skin? Try adding an organic bath bomb with nourishing ingredients like lavender, dead sea salts, and oatmeal to your kids next bath!

These tips will help you to feel confident knowing you’re treating yourself and your family to toxin-free products that provide real, visible results!

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