31st March 2021

6 Herbal Teas to Help with Kids Tantrums

When you talk about the most popular beverages, you will most probably mention tea as the first item on the list. I mean, almost everybody in the world knows about this beverage and consumes it. Tea has been made even more available and easy to get as you can buy tea online from the many online tea and coffee shop popping up all over.

Whether you prefer tea bags or loose leaf tea, they all have the same advantages to the body. Tea has been proven scientifically to have very many benefits to the body and brain because of the chemicals found in various teas. One benefit is how tea brings about calmness and help in improving moods in children.

As a parent, seeing your kids throw tantrums and have meltdowns is a common thing as that is how they express their frustrations and displeasure. However, this habit can be very annoying or embarrassing if they do it in public, as you will be the center of unwanted attention. To help with this, you need to find something that will bring calmness to their minds and improve their moods. As adults, there are many things we can use for this; some people use things like cigarettes or alcohol (although neither are a healthy option), others use exercise or yoga/meditation, and some will use cannabinoids like CBD and delta-8-THC which can be consumed via vapes (here is a full comparison of the best delta-8 vapes). However, a lot of these aren’t options for children. However, instead we can take advantage of herbal teas. Below are some of the herbal teas that will help your kids calm down when they have tantrums.

Catnip herbal teas

Just looking at the name, one might think catnip is only helpful to cats. But this is not the case because it has some medicinal purposes for humans. You can use it to make some minty herbal beverage that can help calm your kids whenever they throw tantrums.

The tea is known to bring relaxation and a soothing effect to the nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety and finally induce sleep. Not so much study has been done on the use of catnip for children, but a previous research suggests that using it in small amounts helps give kids a soothing effect and relaxed mind.

Lemon balm

This is another delicious and pleasant-smelling beverage that is great for helping kids with tantrums. Drinking tea made from lemon balm herbs benefits the kids by relaxing their nervous system, giving them a sense of calm and ease of focusing. The relaxation it brings is very helpful when one loses control because of anxiety or discomfort in any form. When kids experience such loss of control emotionally, a mixture of lemon balm herbs and loose-leaf tea will help them take control and focus on relaxing, which helps with their tantrums.

Bamboo camomile

Camomile tea is an exquisite beverage for bringing relaxation to both adults and kids. This beverage contains antioxidants that give it its relaxing, soothing, and calming properties. If your kid is uncomfortable or usually experiences anxiety, which brings about tantrums and throwing fits, then giving them some of the bamboo camomile beverage is an effective solution. The beverage will put their minds off overthinking, giving them a relaxed sense.

Additionally, bamboo camomile helps kids who usually have a hard time falling asleep. This kind of teas can also solve other discomforts like indigestion that may cause the child to throw tantrums. In addition to this, a camomile beverage provides many more benefits to the kid’s health.

California poppy herbal tea

The California poppy herb is popularly known for the gentle sedative properties it possesses. Over the past few years, it has been used on kids in small doses since it does not knock them out completely. Drinking a mixture of loose-leaf tea and California poppy herb makes the body calm down and, at the same time, gives the nervous system a sense of relaxation. This makes this herbal beverage one of the best helps with kid’s tantrums.

Hop’s tea

Hop is another herb that possesses natural sedative properties. Tea made from this herb can be very bitter, but it can be sweetened using honey or other sweeteners for kids to drink. This beverage makes the child feel relaxed, and it is best to use it a few hours before bedtime so that the kid has a calm mind before bed. But if the child experiences meltdowns at any moment, giving a cup of hubs beverage won’t hurt as it will leave him or her relaxed, thus helping with the tantrums.

Kid’s tantrums can be very annoying sometimes, but as a parent, you should understand they are a way for children to express themselves. When they become too much, taking a step to control them using herbal teas can be the best solution to this problem.

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