3rd September 2019

5 Ways Mommy Can Make Money From Home

Being a stay at home mom isn’t such a bad deal anymore.  Working a traditional job is great, but sometimes life doesn’t really present the option for you to be away from home for as much time as it takes to keep a full time job.  

There are plenty of workable alternatives when it comes to pulling an income that don’t require you to leave the home.  You may be injured living on social security disability income, or you may have a particular mental hangup that prevents you from functioning well with the public.  

Working from home is an especially helpful opportunity for single mothers, and today’s the day you find a few viable leads.  Change your outlook on building a career, and consider these remote employment opportunities.  

Writers and photographers 

If you’re especially skilled as a writer or photographer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money off of your art online.  The web always needs writers to write new content for the hundreds of online businesses of today, and your writing skills could bring in a decent paycheck.  

The bottom line in this industry is stubborness.  You have to be willing to work, and you have to be willing to pursue more than a few dead ends before you find something perfect for you.  

Photographers are presented with the opportunity to sell their art through social media platforms, stock photo providers, and more.  If you have the skills it takes to create a gorgeous image, you can make money online.  

Start a store on Etsy 

Etsy is an excellent and well-respected outlet for artists of all walks of life.  If you are great at creating, Etsy provides you a workable platform to sell your creations.  

Of course, the company will take a portion of your proceeds, but it’s well worth the freedom to utilize their website as a medium between you and the world.  

Become a social media influencer

Being a social media influencer isn’t for everyone.  You have to be built for the lifestyle. To make an impact large enough to get paid on social media, you’ll need to find a way to appeal to a large audience base.  

Research what it takes to make a true impact on the world through social media, and consider whether or not the route is best for your future.  

Get educated on internet technology

There will likely always be a market for professionals who know the ins and outs of internet technology.  You may need a few years of schooling, but the work is worth the reward. IT professionals make some fairly comfortable salaries, making it a realistic profession on which to build your future. 

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